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    Having a rack and panniers on your eBike, is it right?

    You clearly favour form over function, why not trade the bike for an Armani suit and strut around town while someone else delivers your bread?
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    I've been offered an old Powabyke, think it's one of the first models but it needs some TLC

    I'm guessing your commute got longer, the powabike may seem fun for 100 metres but riding a few miles on it will soon become tedious. Not worth the money you will spend getting it roadworthy. I used to commute 40 miles a day on an electric bike and it was great but trying to do it on the cheap...
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    New project trike

    Progress made - forks and brakes fitted and working, I have a trike that can be ridden. :) Now I've ridden it I have discovered the chain comes off easily when changing into 1st gear, I can't see that the rear mech is bent and the low stop is at it's limit. Then I spotted the hanger has about an...
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    Trying to source a wide wheel rim.

    Maybe you're tyre choice is the problem, I've run 62s on fairly standard rims and they've been fine.
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    Wheel upgrade advice

    It's SJS Cycles, they're easy to find online if you go for that option.
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    Wheel upgrade advice

    I've ruined several wheels and got special ones made by SJS, never had a problem with one of theirs. They will work with your hub, fit a Rhyno rim with new spokes and it should come in under £200. They are experienced with hub motors which sometimes aren't up to normal hub standards.
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    Bike Locks....

    That's what I opted for parking in London, excellent lock but heavy enough to break panniers it was in or frames it was resting on.
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    Cree front lamp for dark lanes

    I've found when it is really dark I don't need such a bright light, the worst places are where there are lots of light sources around spoiling my night vision but not illuminating the road.
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    Bike Locks....

    I used to leave my bike in the middle of London so bought the required heavy duty D lock, at one time or another I think everything removable got pinched but never the whole bike. :) Anyway the problem I found was carrying the heavy lock for thousands of miles meant it caused damage to whatever...
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    New project trike

    I was impressed I managed to find unsprung forks with V-brake and disk brake fittings, that solves the rear brake issue as I can have two on the front. I found a wheel with a disk rotor and rims for v-brakes so all set. :) They both arrived today but some idiot has dropped the forks, when I...
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    Strange disc brake phenomenon

    Did you buy organic pads? They work better at low temperatures so may explain the improvement you are seeing, the downside is they wear out quicker, especially if they get hot.
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    New project trike

    OK, picked the trike up and it's in better condition than I expected. The previous owner had a bash at getting it roadworthy and paid for a couple of bits to be done, although one of the rear wheels is decidedly wobbly considering he paid Halfords to true them. He also had a bike mechanic get it...
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    Bike tool kit?.

    I tried one of the cheap workstands but it was broken on arrival so sent it back, I got a Park Tools portable stand instead and it was much better. A cheap stand is much better than nothing but you do get what you pay for. For other tools ebikes are usually old tech and standard but yours may...
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    great ideas for ebikers

    If it's sunny enough for solar panels to be effective there's no way I'd want to be wearing a jacket.
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    Front spokes snapping on my Kallkhoff Tasman front wheel.

    I've had loads of spokes break on pedelecs, my record is destroying a wheel in five miles. I'd break the back wheel no matter where the motor was, at about 14 stone I shouldn't have been too heavy. Rebuilding the wheel didn't help until I had the rims replaced with Sun Rhyno rims then i never...
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    New project trike

    I suspect she will ride it far slower than I would, when I've been on motorised trikes before I found leaning into the corner and counter-steering worked well. I doubt this one has a locked diff so trying my method may end in pain, I'll probably not resist the temptation to find out. I expect...
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    New project trike

    It's for my wife as she has MS and can't balance well on two wheels, she wants to join in when I go riding with the kids although she won't be coming down any singletrack with us. The aim is to get it running with car batteries I already have, flog the mobility scooter and use the proceeds to...
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    New project trike

    I've been away from pedelecs for a while as I stopped commuting by bike but now I'm back with an interesting project, I know little about its condition and hope to pick it up at the weekend. This will be fun, I wonder what the electrics on a 20 year old trike will be like. I think it is a TGA...
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    Winter Tyres

    For me the option of two sets of tyres wasn't happening so I had to settle on one set to last the four months of winter. Studs aren't great as they always fall out, then you are left with a patch of tyre that can't grip ice. The TC Winters (original ones) didn't fill me with confidence and I...
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    Winter Tyres

    I had the original TopContact Winter tyres and preferred them to the Marathon Winters, I would try the TC Winter II tyres without hesitation. Marathon Winter tyres gave good grip in all but deep snow but the studs kept falling out.