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    cycling to the NEC

    I want to go to Motorcycle Live on my pedelec. I have (eventually) got confirmation that I can leave the bike with visitors' motorbikes in the secure Hall 16, but nowhere on the organiser's site or the NEC website is any information about cycling around the complex (ie getting to the halls that...
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    How to raise handlebars on a Halfords Crossfuse?

    I want to raise the bars by about 75mm to 100mm. Last week in Belgium I noticed a lot of bikes with an adjustable handlebar stem (it could rotate about a pivot and be clamped high or forwards). But the stem itself looked a lot smaller diameter than that of the Crossfuse. I've also seen some...
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    Bosch and anti-theft

    For next year Bosch are pushing their linking of the display with the bike - ie if the thief doesn't nick the display as well as the bike the motor ain't gonna work. My problem with this is that I am much more likely to lose the detachable display than for the bike to get nicked. And I can...
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    Could a Carrera Crossfuse E owner please count chain links

    Mine has 117 links plus the quicklink that a LBS put in for me. Halfords were puzzled by this as a 9 speed was supposed to be 116 according to those in the box. Thanks Mike
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    Could eddy currents be causing this riding through treacle effect

    Is the eddy current effect big enough to cause an appreciable braking effect if something is 'sticking' in the motor? Presumably when the motor is 'off' then the magnets must be moved away from the coils to avoid this effect, but how do the manufacturers achieve this, and can it go wrong. My...
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    Gecko tyres. Anyone know anything about them?

    My mate has just completed 31 miles on a bike fitted with Gecko foam filled tyres. For the last 5 miles I had to tow him (mine is a cross fuse with active line plus). We are suspecting it’s at least partly down to the rolling resistance of his Gecko foam filled tyres. With his weight on the...
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    Do your gears get stickier in winter?

    My shimano derailieur is driving me mad. I spent hours trying to adjust the gears, tried changing the inner cable, took it to a specialist who couldn't get it right and said it needed a whole new cable. Tried that and it's hardly any better. It's not that I can't use the bike, but back in the...
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    Help - too many punctures

    After my 10th puncture fix in the 1200 miles I have done since taking up cycling, I thought I would search for some solutions. And on one particular forum guys were talking about one puncture every 3000 miles or so. Even if I discount the last two since they were done with a hatpin while the...
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    Bike cover for when on towball rack

    my Bike is getting lots of roadspray from the car. Any suggestion for a lightweight cover. It would have to be easy to fit (Velcro?) or I would probably not use it when I should Mike
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    anyone else got plantar fasciitis from cycling?

    It's just dawned on me that my heel pain started not long after I got the e-bike - I'm hoping it's just coincidental as I think the bike is getting me fit in many other ways, but if it's causing plantar fasciitis, it looks like I will have to find some other way. Mike
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    Halfords Crossfuse owners (and potential owners)

    This is a brilliant bike and so far has been worth every penny of the £1500 Halfords charge. HOWEVER - two of us owners on here have experienced the same issue - which you need to keep an eye on or better still get Halfords to fix before they hand over a new Crossfuse to you. There are 3 hidden...
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    wet feet

    I bought some Boardman stretch neoprene overboots and they proved utterly ueseless last week in a full day's riding in heavy rain. My smart leather trainers have been unuseable for 3 days while they slowly dry out - which is a shame because I thought that combination would give me what I needed...
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    Help - I can't adjust my Shimano derailieur

    I managed to do it perfectly after the initial cable stretch - was I just lucky? :-) It had been faultless since and I have done 160 miles but got a puncture near the end. After putting the wheel back in the gears were not right so went through the same procedure as last time and just cannot...
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    can you use comfort bar ends with a bar end mirror?

    I've come to regard my bar end mirror as indispensable but if I fit comfort bar ends I can't see how the mirror is going to work - anyone done it? Mike
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    watch out for this potential Bosch problem

    Checking my chain today I found that two of the 4 bolts holding the front sprocket had backed out. One had unscrewed so far that it was rubbing against the motor casing - see right in the centre of this picture. I suspect that the guys in the factory (in China since it;s a Carrera Crossfuse)...
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    Recommend a tiny pump with gauge?

    ihave done some searches on this forum but haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for I need a verysmall hand pump with a gauge (I think). I’d like to clip it to some part of the bike but most of the tubes are taken already. And the gauge needs to be reliable. I wouldn’t mind the gauge being...
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    Does the Bosch Active line reduce power when it's hot

    The same thing has happened to me twice now. After a long climb over maybe 600 feet using Tour and Sport mode, I enter the last stage of about 100 feet of very steep climb and I just can't make it even though I am definitely in bottom gear and have switched to turbo mode. Stop the bike, roll...
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    Bosch Active Line Plus versus Suntour Hesc

    .... And the Bosch wins. Two weeks ago I rode the 28 miles around Kielder reservoir on my Carrera Crossfire (Suntour Hesc Hub drive 400wh battery). Today I rode exactly the same route (actually 2 miles more because I had to backtrack to collect a forgotten pump) on the Carrera Crossfuse which...
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    question about suntour suspension seatpost

    I need to buy a 19" frame because my legs are relatively short. That means I have a long body so that makes the distance between handlebar and seat a bit on the tight side. Watching the videos it looks like the suntour suspension seatpost might effectively move the seat backwards. Which would...
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    does the Bosch system have walk assist?

    Considering a Carrera Crossfuse (because of problems with my Carrera Crossfire), but in my first 300 miles I have used the walk assist feature of the Crossfire quite often and can't see whether the Bosch system on the Crossfuse has walk assist. Also the integrated kickstand of the Crossfire is...