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    New project trike

    I've been away from pedelecs for a while as I stopped commuting by bike but now I'm back with an interesting project, I know little about its condition and hope to pick it up at the weekend. This will be fun, I wonder what the electrics on a 20 year old trike will be like. I think it is a TGA...
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    2010 Wisper 906 Aplino review

    Reviewer: Mussels Time Owned: 2 years Distance covered: 15,000 Km Local Terrain: Varied ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Strengths: Generally good components, this bike came with some weak parts but I believe Wisper has upgraded all these on...
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    Where to buy generic ebike parts?

    I'm having issues with my battery, it's out of warranty so I need to source the parts myself. I may go to Wisper but given the quote I got for one of the parts I'm looking into a completely different solution. The bits on my battery that could do with or desperately need replacing: Output fuse...
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    Lifespan of an ebike?

    My bike is out of warranty now and I got a bit of a shock at the price of a proprietary replacement part*, it was several times more expensive than I expected. This got me thinking about where I would draw the line and decide that the bike was beyond economical repair. If the battery needed...
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    The biggest apples of all

    I fitted 60-559 Big Apples to my Wisper 905 a couple of years ago and the improvement was huge, so much so that I wanted them on my 906 as soon as I needed to replace the original tyres. Unfortunately an untimely puncture and lack of available inner tubes at the unplanned Halfords stop meant my...
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    Are all bikes fragile?

    On my way home today I snapped another seatpost, that makes 2 seatposts, 1 seat tube and about 6 saddles so far. There aren't many bits of bikes that I haven't broken, the only bit I can think of that's always survived (but has come off when riding) are the handlebars. These bits have come from...
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    Who knows where to buy 20mm 20A fuses

    'Cos Maplin don't have them and now I'm stumped. I got some 10A delay fuses and I'm hoping they will get me round until I find the right ones. That'll teach me to check the fuse when the motor stops working, it wasn't the fuse at fault but it fell apart when I opened the holder. :(
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    long brake cables

    I need a new brake cable inner for my back brake, does anyone with experience know if standard cables from the LBS are usually long enough for bikes with the battery behind the seat or if they are a bit stingy with the length supplied?
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    Brake cable problem

    A few weeks ago my front brake cable snapped, I didn't think much of it and replaced the cable assuming it's just a service item. Now the roads are nice and sticky and I'm braking harder I'm a bit worried about it as the bike must have been about 6 months old when the first cable broke, the most...
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    Alternative uses for your battery

    I'd like to power a camping fridge (42W) or charge mobile phones or even power a laptop when staying at a campsite, I have electrics but I'd like to be able to stay away from the power socket occasionally. I was thinking about getting a leisure battery but then remembered I have an expensive...
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    Seatpost diameter

    Can anyone tell me what diameter seatpost a 906 uses? I think it's the same as the 905. I don't want to go off the size of my current seatpost, it feels right but sometimes there are tiny differences between them.
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    Fitting aerobars

    I'm thinking about fitting a set of these to eke out a little more speed on my commute, are handlebar fittings standard? I've got the Wisper adjustable stem and these have a set of corrugated teeth that lock the bars into place, however the teeth have worn away on mine when it came loose so I'll...
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    Horizontal rear fork ends and disk brakes

    These don't seem to be the best of friends at the moment on my 906. I'm having a hard time keeping the wheel in position and last night I was braking hard coming down a hill and the wheel twisted causing the back end of the bike to wander across the road, thankfully it realigned when I released...
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    Traffic light compo

    One thing I think is great about pedelecs is they make traffic lights much more bearable. Something in another thread prompted me to do a count of how many I pass on the way in, in 17 miles I was expecting about 35 or so. I lost count a couple of times so I may be a few out but this morning I...
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    Error codes

    I've seen one error code lots of times before -03- if I try and use the throttle when the bike isn't moving, however my controller kept resetting itself on the way home last night and throwing up lots of 03 errors when I was moving fairly quickly, turning the battery off an on again seemed to...
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    Layback seat posts

    I've had difficulty finding a comfortable postion on my ebikes, I wrongly thought before that the frame was too small. It seems that the upright seat tube (to fit the battery behind) is shifting my centre of gravity too far forward and putting my weight on my wrists. To compensate I have the...
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    Winter tyre reviews

    I've now tried what are probably the three winter tyres most easily available in the UK and I've been a bit surprised about the results considering the claims people have made about tungsten carbide studs. Firstly I tried the Schwalbe Snow Stud, this has aggressive tread and a stud on each...
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    hanging up my battery for a while

    I've just found out that I'll soon have a 100 mile a day commute for a few months so the ebike won't be practical anymore. I don't know what I'll be doing after that so I'm not sure whether to keep the 906 or not, I may need it again but it's worth a lot more with 18 months of warranty left...
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    My first electrical fault

    It had to happen sometime, after 2 years and many thousands of miles my electrics have broken down. :( I thought it was the battery but took the case apart last night and it all seems fine, time to take the controller out on Saturday. I'm getting just enough power through to dimly light the...
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    I'm not stopping for zebra crossings

    I'm a jinx! I'm not the first to stop often and I only do it if there's nothing coming up behind me, I learnt that lesson on motorbikes. So I've done this maybe 10 times in two years, two of those times the pedestrian was nearly run over, last night I was convinced she was a gonner and had to...