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    Anyone getting bored with their bikes.....

    ...maybe get an upgrade with these 'hover glide' shoes!! Magic shoes Don't think I'm brave enough!
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    Vulcan/Crossfire E - E42 error

    The Vulcan is coming up with this error. Tried resets etc and disconnected/reconnected the motor but still persists. Anyone have anything else worth trying? Rode it for 3 days straight in pouring rain but now all dried out and GT85 sprayed everywhere to drive out moistures but still persists
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    Rockrider E-ST500

    Anyone got any info on the Rockrider ebike? On sale at the moment for £799, which seems like a good price. Cant find many reviews but a few seem to suggest it may not like the wet? Thanks, Rockrider E-ST500
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    BBS01 kit throttle question

    Hi, Hopefully, just a quick question. When using the kit on the highest assistance level (level 3 as I have it set up), pushing the throttle gives the bike an even greater push of power. When the throttle comes off the bike feels a bit restricted. Can this higher power be released, or is it...
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    Brake cut off levers - Black?

    Hi, Having just installed the BBS01 kit on my Cube mountain bike, there's just one thing that's annoying me. The brake lever I've fitted from the kit (only fitted one as the brake/shifter is one unit, so just removed the front deraullier and shifter/brake) is a chrome colour. However the stock...
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    8FUN 350w crank kit fitted

    Following on from my other thread, with help from here, decided to go for the crank kit from Woosh (who's service was excellent by the way!). Fitted it today but not really had time to take it out properly, just a couple of laps round the road, but very promising so far. Feels a lot more natural...
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    Which 1000w kit?

    Hi all, Haven't been on here for a while, but still ebiking with my original 250w Cyclotricity kit which has been faultless for 18 months. I'm now thinking about building a 'fun' bike and am looking at the 1000w kits. I'm obviously drawn towards the Cyclotricity 1000w kit due to my experience...
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    For sale - GT Legacy Hybrid with 36v Cyclotricity kit

    Hi, Despite some great fun on this I'm putting it up for sale, as I dont really use it now since I've got my new motorbike :-) Therefore its a really nice smooth ride with the lockable suspension and suspension seat post. The front hub is a Cyclotricity on a 27" wheel, 36v bottle battery etc...
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    Ego Electric Scooter

    Anyone have any experience of these? Been offered one for £250. My head says stay away, but heart says could be a fun toy. Anyone have any experience? EGO ELECTRIC SCOOTER / MOPED / MOTORCYCLE / ECO SCOOTER | eBay
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    Cyclotricity Front hub motor 250w 26" wheel £90

    Hi all, I have recently upgraded my bike from a Cyclotricity Revolver to a more comfortable GT 700c hybrid. As a result I have bought a new 700c front motor and transferred the rest of the bits from my Revolver. Therefore I now have available a Cyclotricity 36v 250w front hub motor, laced into...
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    Anyone tried the new Kudos range? (Cobra/Tornado/Arriba)

    Having dipped my toe in the water of ebiking with my Cyclotricity I absolutley love it! So much so I'm seriously thinking of selling my motor bike and getting a second ebike. I love the look of the new Kudos bikes but with them being so new theres not much in the way of reviews. Does anyone...
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    Cycle computer - less than a fiver

    Just a heads up for anyone who may be in the market for a cheap cycle computer. Got one of these yesterday, very impressed with it for 4.99. Has a lot of features including temperature, calories burnt and backlight which is not normally found at this price point. It's this one for anyone who...
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    First week with my ebike - I'm a convert!

    Hi all, Just wanted to give an update re. my ebike. Last Monday I had a Cyclotricity Revolver delivered to me, as a low cost (cycle to work scheme) entry to the world of electric biking. I already regularly cycle to and from work (12 mile round trip), but the 6 miles home are on a gradual...
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    Shimano Octolink crank

    Hi, My bike (Cyclotricity Revolver) will be turning up next week. I'm gonna give it a go but I'm used to a high end mountain bike, so I'm expecting to be disappointed in the bike it's self (rather that the motor). Ultimately I will be looking to transfer the kit to my Trek 6300. The...
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    A quick hello

    Hi all, Just joined up as I will be getting my first ebike on Monday, a Cyclotricity Revolver. Long story, but originally wanted a kit to put on my Trek 6300 mountain bike, but was offered the cycle to work scheme. So Im gonna start of at the bottom of the range but if e-biking is for me, I...