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    For Sale motor/controler

    Hi, I just wondered if anybody on here would be interested in buying a YOSE 350w motor- my tyre rubbed through the cable slightly , it skimmed the top of the blue wire but still in tact , and snapped one of the other thin wires in there. I also have a speed controller , its the sort that has...
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    Help! Major problem ....motor cable

    Hi, Completed a very successful 90miles on my yose kit 350w kit. Unfortunately on my way home today, my tyre rubbed through thee motor cable. Its plugged from the controller to motor, its skimmed the top off a thickish blue wire and snapped a very thin green cable..... I joined it back...
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    Help! Yose power charger

    Good evening, I have just received my yose power kit, and the charger is a two pin, with also an additional hole in the plug? Does anyone know what kind ofadapter I need to use Many thanks
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    Yose power kit

    Hi, new to the e bike world, basically I will now be using my bike to commute to work , purchased a Boardman cx . I cycle quite regularly, and spend most days doing 30mins to an hour on my turbo trainer through the winter Hub Motor 36V350W Black Hub Motor for Rear Wheel 28"(700C) & HL1...