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    Wanted cheap folder

    Anything cheap and not to far from birmingham,broken electric or unwanted manual bike,for winter project.
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    Cheap folding bike wanted

    Anybody near birmingham,up to 20 miles approx have an old folding bike,electric or none electric,working or needing major repairs,so long as its cheap for a winter project.
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    carrera e 42 on display

    Hi this is for a work colleague,her partners carrera cuts out and is showing e 42 on display,he has been told it means a faulty cable and will cost £75,anybody know if this is correct,thanks paul.
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    Push mowers the future for me

    I have ridden electric bikes for around 15 years,and there is no way i would go back to a manual bike,they are just too much hard work on hills,but lawn mowers, i have just purchased a £26 push mower from argos,to do the first cut of the year (yes i know its a bit late but i hate gardening). my...
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    A123 batteries

    I have some old a123 batteries,probably about 8 years old now,was enough for 36v around 5ah but some cells have died and they have sat around for probablly six months unused,they are of no use to me anymore,if they could help anybody out,just arrange to collect them for free from birmingham.
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    Lease agreement

    As virtually all new cars seem to be on a lease agreement,ie low fixed price per month for a new car with a final purchase payment,i am surprised ebike sellers have not jumped on the bandwagon,or does the battery replacement cost,make it unworkable.
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    He doesn't even need an electric bike

    Somebody at works son,got an electric bike he is probably in his twenties,he seems to be using it every day come rain or shine and having fun,dad says he does not need it and could not justify one for himself,even though he admits to being knackered going up the first hill home,dad likes a taxi...
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    Bosch climbing speed

    I was chatting to somebody with a new bosch cube bike,asking what it was like on our local hills,he said it does 15mph and then cuts out,it still does 15mph up a nearby 20% hill in turbo mode apparently,the best i can manage on a good day is about 13 mph at the steepest point on said hill,this...
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    Battery meter

    I have just got a displayer 5 led ,battery life display from china with no instructions,it did mention connecting the positive to on off switch and negative to light switch,in the ebay listing,do you think it will work ok connected to just my front light which runs off the battery anyway.
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    Wiring up a controller with three speed control wire

    I have just got a new controller,after connecting it up the throttle is not working,it has a cruise wire that works, when connected it runs slowly,there is also a three speed connector coming out of the controller,i have no idea how to connect this up,or if the throttle should work without it.
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    Trouble soldering bare a123 batteries

    After breaking apart some old a123 cells I cannot solder new tabs to them,looking on other forums it seems a common problem,i have tried a very good quality large head soldering iron but the tabs still come apart,i was thinking of putting them in a straight line in a plastic tube, with springs...
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    On off switch

    Can anyone recommend a good 48v on off switch,i prefer key operation but as this will be my third switch reliability is most important,also does it make any difference if switch is on positive or negative side,thanks in advance paul.
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    Anybody like to have a little bet.

    I wonder how many people like to have a bet now and again,in the hope of maybe winning a few quid,if you bet trebles and accummalators you will be the bookies friend,if you bet single bets and win even small amounts online,im talking less than £50 all the big bookmakers quickly limit your...
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    Lowering amps

    I have a 30 amp infineon controller,i know if you add solder to the shunt of a controller you can up the amps,can you do the opposite and file away bits of the shunt to lower the amps to 20 or 25 amps,or maybe put in a 3 or more speed switch,running at 48v with a 30 amp controller on my ezee...
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    Problem after adjusting battery connections

    Last night i tidied up and reconnected all the connectors on my 48v a123 battery pack,when i tried to recconect it to the bike,it was sparking like a positive touching a negative,i tried disconnecting lights,and charging wires and eventually bypassing the on off switch wiring, just connecting it...
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    It must be magic

    I have ridden ebikes for around seven or eight years now,often cycling to work on my ebike for over 6 years,unless pointed out most people have never noticed my bike has a motor on it,even though they may have noticed i was going pretty quick up a hill,people just do not seem to see the big...
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    Electric cars

    Today i saw a nissan leaf,a female driver was parking it at my local shops,it did ask a few questions in my mind,and i thought about asking the driver a few of those questions,number 1 in my mind how much does it cost 2 rent the batteries,number 2 question is why would you buy one.well i noticed...
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    Private messages

    On the old format it seemed easy to pm somebody,i cannot find any way of sending a private message on the newer format.
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    Horse racing

    Does anybody like a little bet,does anybody know how all the major bookmakers operate,do you think you are getting a fair deal?
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    Wall protection

    I leave my bike in our utillity room,we are about to re decorate the room, any ideas on what can be put on the wall to protect it from my handle bars,i really do not want to mark freshly painted surfaces with my handlebars,is there any stick on or drill to the wall stuff that looks good and will...