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  1. tillson

    Gear cable route.

    Not related to an e-bike, but I’m sure the question will tap into someone’s knowledge. I’m building a titanium road bike. The photo shows the underside of the bottom bracket ( BB) back wheel dropouts at the top of the photo. How do I get the front & rear gear mech cables around the...
  2. tillson

    WANTED Panasonic Powered Step-Through Bike (Kalkhoff Raleigh etc)

    I am looking to buy a Panasonic powered ebike. It must be of the crank drive type and have a step through frame. It should also have a fully functioning motor, the battery condition is not so important. Typical models I’d be interested in are the Kalkhoff Agattu, Tasman or Pro Connect...
  3. tillson

    New BBC4 Programme

    I’ve just seen a promotion for a BBC4 programme which focuses on the lives of women. It’s a kind of collage of short excerpts of various women’s lives. Someone has taken the decision to call this programme about women, Snatches.
  4. tillson

    Panasonic Ebike Motor Identification

    Can anyone help me ID these two Panasonic motors. I would like to know the voltage and the year of manufacture mainly, but anything else which can be derived from the photos would be useful. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. tillson

    Royal Baby

    AAAAAAaaaaaaagggggghhhhhh. Nooooooooooooooo. I didn’t even realise she was due to squeeze one out.
  6. tillson

    International Women’s Day

    It’s International Women’s Day today. Can we please give all the best jobs to women, present them with every award and accolade available and pay them more than men, regardless of their ability? I think this would be a price worth paying in order to put an end to the relentless bleating.
  7. tillson


    Has anyone else received a letter from the credit rating agency Equifax regarding the theft of your personal data from their inadequate storage facility which is hosted in a foreign country? Apparently, amoungst other organisations, my bank has been on a nice little earner flogging my name...
  8. tillson

    Derby to host the largest electric bike scheme in the U.K.

    Apparently Derby is making a big commitment to electric bike transport. The bikes look a bit naff. Anyone know what lurks beneath the bling? SORRY DUPLICATE. PLEASE DELETE THIS THREAD
  9. tillson

    Derby to host the largest electric bike scheme in the U.K.

    Apparently Derby is making a big commitment to electric bike transport. The bikes look a bit naff. Anyone know what lurks beneath the bling?
  10. tillson

    I think my Kalkhoff Pro Connect is Knackered.

    I knew that I shouldn't have opened my mouth about how reliable my 2008 26 Volt Panasonic Kalkhoff Pro Connect has been. I knew that I was inviting disaster, but still I went ahead. What a fool I am. After nearly 10 years of near faultless service and tens of thousands of trouble free miles...
  11. tillson

    2008 Kalkhoff Pro Connect

    I've been using my 2008 Pro Connect much more over the summer. I had stopped using it in early 2016 when I moved jobs and it became too far to cycle. Up until March 2016, I had used the bike on a daily basis and clocked up over 23000 trouble free miles. I replaced the original Panasonic 26 Volt...
  12. tillson

    Dowsing for Water

    Good morning and apologies for not contributing to the BREXIT thread for some time. Does anyone have any thoughts on water dowsing? This is basically walking around holding two sticks, one in each hand, and if they cross you are standing above water. The reason I ask is as follows: A few...
  13. tillson

    2008 Kalkhoff Pro Connect

    As a little bit of nostalgia for some of the longer term members, I thought I would provide a brief update on my 2008 Kalkhoff Pro Connect. This model is powered by the 24 volt Panasonic crank motor and cost £1500 (about £1250 after Cycle scheme discounts) I bought the bike new in June 2008 and...
  14. tillson

    The Grand Tour

    Has anyone watched The Grand Tour (Clarkeson's new Top Gear type show)? The first episode was released on Friday. I've seen it and thought it was watchable, so that is one up on Chris Evans and Top Gear. I don't think The Grand Tour is as good as Top Gear when Clarkeson hosted it, but it's...
  15. tillson

    E-Bikes for Children

    I see 50 Cycles are now selling e-bikes for children. Does anyone know if it's possible to de-restrict them so they will do 30 mph?
  16. tillson

    Computer Networks

    This is all a bit new to me. I've installed security cameras around my house. They are IP cameras powered by Power over Ethernet. They work fine, I can see them on my local network and the ouput records onto my NAS. I can even view them remotley via a web based quicklink facility. However...
  17. tillson

    Is making a horse dance really an Olympic Sport?

    They call it dressage, but it simply amounts to posh people on horseback making an animal dance for their own titillation. How ever this cruelty found its way into the Olympics I will never understand. What next, Olympic bull fighting or badger-baiting? Disgusting.
  18. tillson

    Bull 1 Matador 0

    I can't help but feel a sense of justice for animals when this happens. However, I suspect that the bull isn't grazing in a pasture of lush grassland as I type. RIP Bull.
  19. tillson

    The Best Mobile Telephone Ever Made for only £9.10

    Just in case anyone is on the lookout for an emergency phone to carry with them on long rides. I don't like taking my smart phone, especially if it's hissing it down.
  20. tillson

    Pedelecs EU Referendum

    Please do not comment on this thread. Any comments on the Leaving the EU thread please.