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  1. Deus

    Bike work stands and heated saddles in Lidl

    Just been to Lidl and they have bike work stands £24.99 (bought one last year excellent quality) and heated saddles that are very comfy looking £14.99
  2. Deus

    One for Soundwave
  3. Deus

    New battery tech coming soon

    Yet another coming soon new battery tech
  4. Deus

    France new E-bike deristriction law 1 year in prison and a 30,000 Euro fine
  5. Deus

    First Look: Sprindex's Adjustable-Rate Coil Spring

    Not strictly E-bikes but may well be used on them soon
  6. Deus

    Which UK couriers will ship a battery?

    Can anyone recommend a UK courier that will ship a battery within the UK ?
  7. Deus

    Megacellcharger 18650

    Looks like it could be uselful for pack builders who use old laptop cells The Megacell Charger saves you hours of tedious work when measuring the capacity of used 18650 cells recovered from used laptops or power tools batteries. With a 16 cells capacity and a software to remote control and log...
  8. Deus

    Guy on Facebook said Police took a ride on his bike ?

    Guy on Facebook said a police officer stopped him in Bristol because of his battery in a triangle bag ? he then goes on to say that the officer rode his bike surely they can not do that ? He also said the officer said that the bike has to be under 60kg ?
  9. Deus

    Good guide to 18650 batteries

    Are all 18650 batteries the same
  10. Deus

    Great after sales service from Whoosh

    I would just like to say that the after sales service from Whoosh for my brothers Rio has been outstanding in the past few months with some parts supplied free even though he broke them himself and other spare parts supplied very cheaply and all dealt with and delivered very quickly. The bike...
  11. Deus

    BBSHD Clutch where to buy from

    I need a replacement clutch for my BBSHD i can only find one supplier in the EU but its expensive (£34) i have ordered one from Aliexpress for $11 but that will take a few weeks i need one before then if possible does anyone know of a UK supplier or EU ?
  12. Deus

    Very nice ebike at Costco Black Friday deal

    Great looking bike for those that like this style £750 plus vat
  13. Deus

    The lightest most compact Drive Unit for electric bicycles

    1.6KG wow
  14. Deus

    5 of the all-time worst pieces of road tech

    Lmao at the Campagnolo Delta brake number of parts
  15. Deus

    Rent an E-Bike for £40 a month sounds good for someone for the summer minimum 3 month rental period
  16. Deus

    Death of the derailleur?

    Shimano Gearbox patent
  17. Deus

    Can you fit a throttle to a Bosch CX motor?

    Can a throttle be fitted to a Bosch CX ? a throttle that gives instant power not one where you have to rotate the peddles first?
  18. Deus

    Can anyone recommend a full suspension bike with the new Bosch CX and new larger battery

    A friend wants a full suspension MTB with the new Bosch CX and bigger battery his budget is around £3.5 k can anyone recommend one and where from in the UK? thanks
  19. Deus

    "World’s most efficient" bicycle drivetrain unveiled at Eurobike

    These might make their way into the E-Bike world World’s most efficient
  20. Deus

    Worlds first self charging e-bike

    Claims to never run out or power and can recharge 70% of the battery if you maintain 10 mph Self Charge E-bike