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    Is it a clutch or gear failure

    Hi all It’s been a whiles since I visited this forum and I am only familiar with crank drives. A friend of mine has a folding bike with the following front wheel hub motor. Seems to lose its drive under load. Ie: with the bike raised off the floor, pedals rotating. The motor drives but the...
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    How has your e-bike changed your commute?

    53 year old male. Swapped from a car to Ebike for approximately 18 months. All weathers on a return trip to work of 24 miles. The bike may have been de restricted on its cut off speed as each way took only 35 minutes when using the main roads. It was great as it kept up with the traffic flow...
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    Who is right and who is wrong? - How taxpayers money is wasted!

    I used to have a clockwork mouse when I were a kid. You know, the wind up type! Never did like it.
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    Who is right and who is wrong? - How taxpayers money is wasted!

    I've paid enough over the years towards the roads and still paying. If I choose to cycle on them, I will. The problem is with the up their own asses, get out of my way motorists and not the cyclists. If the cycle paths going where I want and is clear of pedestrians and dogs then I may choose...
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    How many people are using there e-bike off-road?

    Better still, a down hill bike!
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    Italian pedelec crash *ouch!*

    I'm not sure she'd see it that way but she will have learnt some sort of lesson.
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    Italian pedelec crash *ouch!*

    Lets hope she ok
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    Stunning Mercedes Smart eBike reaches new heights!

    My mistake, thank you Eddie.
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    Stunning Mercedes Smart eBike reaches new heights!

    I'll give you £20 if you throw in free delivery
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    Sunday Times article

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    Who was right?

    This sort of accident happens daily. Don't overtake or pass at a junction. I would say that the cyclist was daft to do so. A bit of defensive riding and this incident would not have occurred. Then nobody would be to blame for anything.
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    dealers price for a 500w bosch battrey

    So what discount do you offer your boss when he pays you? Presumably the more hours he employs you, the more discount he gets.
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    Should the over 70's be banned from driving?

    Most of the people that make the laws are also fast aproaching or are already 70. Don't think you need to worry.
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    Why driving isn't fun anymore :(

    I'm down South also. I used to get wound up all the time by the others. It's what it is down here and it's not going to get any better. Changed my frame of mind years ago. Chuck in a flask of coffee and cup. Turn up the music and just go with the flow. Get there when I get there. No stress...
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    Scott v Haibike.

    Eddie, appreciate that you are a KTM convert and they are good bikes but my Haibikes done over 9000 miles and still gong strong. So let's not forget that they also serve people well.
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    Haibike problems

    Reject is as not fit for purpose. Get your money back. I'm assuming you bought it new recently.
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    I have in the past returned damaged goods. Can't say I have ever returned something that was correctly supplied and in good condition.
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    Maybe he's just peeing you about after you peed him about. What do you mean it's not for you? Why didn't you do some proper research and test ride a bike. Save yourself and any dealer you approach a load of hassle. Most small businesses have not got the time and resources to mess about like that.
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    To go tubeless or not to go tubeless.

    Small dive cylinder works for me. Pops the tyre onto the rim so fast you can hardly see it happen.
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    Bought a Haibike from them a few years ago. Good as gold, even emailed Martin on a Sunday when I had a tiny problem and got an email back the same day. Can't speak for anyone else but I'd buy another from them.