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  1. Charliefox

    Yamaha Synch pro has crank creak

    My 600 mile Giant E+3 is giving a light knock every pedal crank rotation. I had it before but tightened up the chainring bolts and checked the crank bolts and it seemed to disappear. But now I notice distinct play in the 'bottom bracket' or it's Yamaha engine equivalent! Hard to imagine why it...
  2. Charliefox

    The future of electric car motors and possibly bikes too?

    I noticed a piece on re thinking electric motors for cars .. seriously I thought each wheel was already electrified but must have got ahead of myself! What do you guys think?
  3. Charliefox

    Funny Noises or not

    My 5 month old Giant E+3 with the Yamaha motor has now done some 460 miles and has had a 6 week service where nothing came to light. A recent creaking had me on edge, or rather standing on the pedals, when the creaking went away. I thought it might be the dropper post since the saddle could...
  4. Charliefox

    Do hub motors have any overload protection?

    A neighbour of mine electrified a hardtail MTB with a Bafang 350watt rear hub.Did a really neat job too. I asked him the other day how it went on a test run. " I was going to see you about that" he said. !The motor died on me" On probing for details it turned out he had got stuck in the wrong...
  5. Charliefox


    All the electric bikes I have previously had needed a key to switch on the battery juice. But not this 2019 Giant Trance E+3. The key is to unlock the battery only, or so it appears. Once on the bike the controller will work with a single button pressed and away, with me on it one hopes! Pity...
  6. Charliefox

    Datatag Abroad

    Now I will soon be collecting my first REALY EXPENSIVE eMTB in order to stay on the right side of the law in Switzerland and other EU countries. I plan to datatag it but no mention is made on their website as to whether countries other than the UK use such security. Anyone who takes their bikes...
  7. Charliefox

    RideControl ONE on 2019 Giant Ebikes

    Must confess Iv'e been drooling over a £3499 Giant Trance E+3 recently although dubious about a few items on it. The handlebars are something like 4" wider than my present ones. In my minds eye I see them catching on the tree trunks flashing by on local single tracks! Then there is the miniscule...
  8. Charliefox

    Tubeless repairs miles down the trail

    Any horror stories? Seems all new Emtbs have tubeless these days. I hear it can be hard to remove them if an inner tube is needed to get home. Iv'e very few punctures up here on Highland trails as I run on 45psi minimum with tubed tyres at present. And so easy to fix when I do. I do have a...
  9. Charliefox

    Help! Thinking of buying a new Giant Trance E+3 pro for the summer.

    Would be nice for my summer holiday...I already have a normal Trance X5. But I see the 2019 model has a Giant RideControl ONE, remote button fitted. For an uncluttered look according to the blurb. So no visual of speed, power setting or battery condition. You have to link it with a smart phone...
  10. Charliefox

    Fixed Sans Charger

    Open up non working Sans charger mentioned in previous post expecting to find blown capicitors but discovering blackpowder over circuit board and other end where mains power comes in.Cleaned up and discover one of the 3 pins from the female power socket was moving in it's solder! A dry joint...
  11. Charliefox

    Tick Tick Tick Twang Fixed

    Once the replacement 42 tooth nylon gears arrived (8 days from China by Royal Mail) they were quickly fitted. And the wheel would not turn when back on bike. Take apart and realise they were put on upside down. It was hard to seen from dissembly pics which side was which due to the state the old...
  12. Charliefox

    Tick Tick Tick Twang Revisited

    Discovered the wonderful ease with which Bafang rear hubs can be taken apart.The Pre 2015 models at least. Held together by 6 counter sunk cross headed bolts which were firm but not desperate. Say 5 minutes. Then wasted another 20 by taking off cassette gear cluster to acess another 6 bolts...
  13. Charliefox

    Tick Tick Tick Twang!

    Yes, my Bafang rear hub has stopped working. Smooth as a nut the last few months until I started back for home today in 22 centigrade. Herd a ticking/rattling that seemed at first to be a loose front mudguard. No. Sounded like a twig catching on the rear spokes, No.Motor them seemed a bit stiff...
  14. Charliefox

    Yamaha Motors more reliable?

    Having read a series of woes about Bosch motors crunching bearings, how are Yamaha for reliabilty? I fancy one in a Giant perhaps. I can live with the fact that there is a little less power at the top end since dody knees mean help at the lower speeds are more useful. Don't fancy having to pedal...
  15. Charliefox

    My Bafang rear hub has finally let me down!

    All started off smoothly as I went on my usual forest trails. A slight quiet groaning from the hub which went away.( had this rarely over the past year or so). Carried on a while then noticed no help on the next uphill. Nothing. Battery lights all on. Sometimes a very slight vibration when...
  16. Charliefox

    Beware! HMRC are getting more greedy.

    This is actually a tale of a missing xmas parcel from relatives in Switzerland. It never arrived here in the UK.Separately we got a card from Royal Mail saying £20 odd was due on a parcel. After a call to said relatives we realised it was their parcel. We picked it up today. The customs sticker...
  17. Charliefox

    Pity the poor ebikers in Northern Ireland

    Following a comment in a caravan magazine, I discovered the fact that in Northern Ireland it has just been discovered that ebikers have to take a riding test dressed in Helmet, motor cycle boots and jacket. Then there is compulsory insurance, registration with the DVLA, number plate too. All...
  18. Charliefox

    Up or Down for the Hub motor Lead?

    For the 2 hub motors I installed on donor bikes it made sense to have the lead out of the axle, be it front or rear, to exit upwards to the forks or seat stays, avoiding a downward loop which, on an MTB, might snag in the woods. It did mean a small area open to the elements at the exit from the...
  19. Charliefox

    Giant SyncDrive Sport, 80Nm, 250W motors

    As the owner of 3 Giants, 1 electrified by me, would like to hear from anyone riding Giant's new Ebikes. In particular, how does the Giant SyncDrive Sport, 80Nm, 250W motor compare with the Bosch or Yamaha motors fitted to the like of Haibikes?
  20. Charliefox

    A Very Cheap Conversion kit

    My wife never used her converted bike which was fitted with a very heavy 500Watt direct drive front hub.Bought from America years ago before I realised it was useless on our local hills. So in an effort to get her cycling again.....just gone 70.....I bought a cheap 250W kit from Ebay. It cost...