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  1. craiggor

    Watch "Carbon SUV e-bike crowdfunding spot" on YouTube

    I thought this was designed and built by Caterham.They have pulled out and the designer/builder is going alone.
  2. craiggor

    2018 type approval for EAPC with full speed throttle.

    Does any one know anything about this ? Where will the test facilities be ? SVA test centres ? Will they be in place before 1.1.2018 ? How much will it cost ? How will homebuilt bikes be affected ? What will be tested day, time driving lights,Tyres,reflectors ?? Sent from my D101 using Tapatalk
  3. craiggor

    Watch "Fai da Te - Bicicletta Elettrica parte 1/3" on YouTube

    Home made Stealth bomberlike.
  4. craiggor

    Watch "Fai da Te - Bicicletta Elettrica parte 1/3" on YouTube

    just found this bomber copy.
  5. craiggor

    E-marked bicycle tyres

    Any one know where a can get any. 26"
  6. craiggor

    Electric bicycle racing

    I think it is fantastic that K.T.M industries will be organizing what may be the U.K's first electric bicycle race.Only the slow race pedelec v throttle has been set up so far.It would be great if they could set up a few more categories. Long distance ? Sprint ?
  7. craiggor

    vintage electric bicycle.

    Here is my home built vintage electric bicycle using a xiongda 36v 250w motor and McAllister 36v 4ah batteries.The frame build started when I poped in to Valley scooters in Bolton ( my local ebike shop ).I wanted to see if he had any used battery boxes,I might be able to use for a battery pack I...