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    Buying a new electric bike

    Hi all...I'm buying a new bike, I'm not fully committed yet so appreciate any comments. It is a Cube town hybrid one 400 (2019) step through version, Price I'm paying is £1439. I'm buying it from J E James at Rotherham, so no test ride. Anyone got this bike or any opinions on it, any comments...
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    Who's bought a Gtech ebike?

    Hi ….I'm considering buying a GTECH ebike, available at the moment with an extra battery for £995. I'm currently using an Oxygen and in the last 12 months I've notched up 4000 miles, over 20,000 miles in the last 10 years over 9 ebikes…… but at 79 years old I'm not as agile as I once was and it...
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    Oxygen S-Cross CB for sale

    Hi...I'm looking to sell my Oxygen bike, I bought it in August 2016 so it's still under warranty. I am pretty sure John would honour the warranty as I intend buying the step through version of the same bike. (I'm 78 and feel I would be safer on a step through) It is in excellent condition...a...
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    Electric scooters

    Hi....merry Christmas everyone. My Son in law has bought an electric scooter for my 11 year old grandson. I was of the impression that these were illegal but my wife says not, "Argos" and "Toys are Us" "wouldn't sell them if they were illegal" I started saying that "Its not illegal to sell...
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    Wanton and Reckless

    An odd charge and one I've not heard before. Is it not strange that a motor vehicle can be driven legally at 30moh yet a cyclist travelling at 18mph is considered wanton and reckless and could go to prison ? ....sounds like a case of double standards :)
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    Bosch battery

    Hi.....How does a Bosch power pack 400 or 500 compare to an Impulse 15 or 17ah battery ? Thanks.....Mike
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    Kalkhoff Tazman for sale £750

    Hi…I’m looking to sell my Kalkhoff Tasman electric bike, It is powered by an Impulse 2 Motor and a 17ah battery, It’s a 50cm crossbar model. I bought it new from 50 Cycles in October 2015 and paid £1795.00. It’s good for over 100 miles in eco mode, half that in full power. It’s in excellent...
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    Looking to sell my ebike on ebay

    Any advice please ? I'm gonna start low but looking for at least £600...It cost me £1795. I still have the original box, should I offer postage ? Do I still have to pay if it sells and buyer renages ? I've bought plenty but never sold anything so appreciate any advice. .....many thanks.....Mike
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    What is difference between Kalkhoff Tasman 11 and Tasman 8

    Hi can anyone tell me the difference between Tasman11 on ebay currently standing at £750 after 45 bids and 2 days to go, and my Tasman 8 advertised on here at £700 and never even had an offer? ...Please....what is the difference ? ....other than frame size. Thanks ...preciate advice...need to...
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    Selling my ebike

    Anyone give me £750 for my Kalkhoff electric bike ? Less than 2 years old and less than 3000 miles of use 17ah long range battery, good for 100 miles in eco mode, half that in power mode. Excellent condition, very quiet and smooth runner. Serviced and new chain fitted, very recently checked out...
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    Selling my Tasman Impulse 8

    I'm looking to sell my Ebike, less than 2 years old, less than 3000 miles of use. Excellent condition,very quiet and smooth runner, recently serviced and new chain fitted. Fitted with new Schwalbe Marathon tyres and new Schrader valve inner tubes. £900 or near offer ....collect from Wakefield...
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    Geometry question

    Hi...I need to find the diameter of my handlebars, If I determine the circumference, using a piece of wire, can I find the diameter from this measurement ? ....cheers....Mike
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    Looking for home insurance

    Hi....looking to renew my home/contents insurance, can any member recommend a reasonably priced, reliable company, I've had quotes from Admiral and Aviva, any others I should look at ? ....thanks....Mike
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    Anyone got a suspension seatpost ?

    Specifically a Suntour SP12 suspension seatpost....Is it any good ? ...I feel every bump these days and wondered if this'd help cheers....Mike
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    Kalkhoff Tasman Impulse 8 ....for sale £1000

    HI....selling my bike: It's a Kalkhoff impulse 8.....50cm frame... 17ah battery. I bought it new from 50 Cycles mid October 2015. 50 cycles list it at £2000 + ...Cost me £1750....Since then I've done 2500 miles, I've just fit 2 new Schwalbe marathon tyres and 2 new tubes with Schrader valves...
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    Padded cycling gloves

    Hi ...has anyone come across any cycling gloves padded in such a way as to protect the pad below the thumb? I've changed my grips and changed my bars but still getting gip from the pressure. ....must be some I'm thinking......cheers....Mike
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    Need some new handle bars

    I have osteoarthritis in my wrists and the straight bars on my new bike are making my wrists ache. I need some bars that will let me adapt a more upright sitting position and take the weight off my wrists. I don't want fully swept back bars....any suggestions please ? .....Thanks....Mike
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    Bottle holder on bike

    Can I fasten a bottle holder on my bike with plastic ties ? Not got one yet or I would try it, any idea which would be best for this method of fixing ? ...thanks....Mike
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    My weight is 100 kilos I asking for trouble buying a rear hub driven bike ? I'm still thinking of an Oxygen but worried about the effect of my weight on the rear wheel. ......appreciate your views.
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    Cube Cross Hybrid 400

    Hi....This bike has a 400 series battery ....what is that in ah please ? cheers....Mike