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    For sale, 250W Road Legal Alien Ocean 700c Kit

    sold for 275
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    For sale, 250W Road Legal Alien Ocean 700c Kit

    item number 260850392820 link: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Description in the auction listing. Hope to get around £200
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    Any Excuse for a Ride (2)

    Nice one, today I did nailsea - yatton - strawberry line - cheddar gorge, stopped at the base and went home again, 37 miles. Its a really good route isn't it. Would love to climb the gorge and cruise down Burrington Combe, but I wasn't on electric today
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    cycle path map for android

    spoke to some Sustrans chaps on a cycle path today; they said the androd version is days away
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    Another Newspaper Article - E Bikes

    Testing a rather expensive crank driven mountain bike How e-bikes got sexy | Peter Walker | Environment |
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    The Family man and E biking

    I started a thread about costs / payback. I found 2.5 years until I saw any saving on my £1.5k. And in this climate it's probably best to keep the capital. Driving a citroen c1 was a better money saver for someone who still needs to keep a car
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    tyre exploded

    Just to update, I've found out the problem was not pinching the inner tube under the tyre - thank god. I thought I was going crazy. The Alex 1000 (or similar name) rims which came as standard on my bike were too small and were allowing the bead of the tyre to pop off the rim under high load...
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    Got Bored, Calculated eBike savings

    please change title to "Got Disappointed, Calculated eBike Costs"
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    Got Bored, Calculated eBike savings

    I think I may have spent too much on accessories! Rain gear, pump, lock, lights really do all add up
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    Got Bored, Calculated eBike savings

    Agreed, certainly not a quick way to save money. I was just interested really, as I knew I would eventually see some sort of payback but wasn't sure how long it would take. There are some other things I could say which would make it sound alot more attractive. For example I would still want to...
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    Got Bored, Calculated eBike savings

    2 years until I see any money back !
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    New 8FUN BIKE (Sunlova) model

    do they have a website? I'd be interested in a kit using the bottle battery
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    Which bike has the longest pure power range?

    17 miles on mine, 95%+ power only. Details in sig
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    Road surfaces

    My regular route comprises rural roads with some horrible ruts/holes. I'm thinking of getting the Cane Creek Thudbuster, but at over £100 i'll have to save up
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    tyre exploded

    If I knew I might be able to avoid it. Properly lubed the tube up and it still pinched ... ? or maybe the tyre is shagged
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    tyre exploded

    sweeeet, it happened again at 50psi. tyre bead is now welllll stretched. Time to get another tyre. Just to add that I lubed the tube up before installing to prevent pinching it
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    tyre exploded

    Must have been pinched tube. I'll run higher pressures and see what happens
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    tyre exploded

    Earlier this week I was sat in the office and heard a huge bang from the car park. It turned out my rear tyre had exploded whilst stood in the sun! The tyre must have popped off the rim, rather than exploding, beacause I've replaced the tube and am now reusing the tyre. The bead on the...
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    Ever Weighed Your Ebike?

    Similar kit to mine and 3kg less, that sounds like a good job. The silver battery rack is certainly a beast on mine, I used to have an alloy halfords rack before I went electric and the electric rack is 3x as heavy. I'm sure a much lighter rack could be achieved when the battery is stored...