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  1. Croxden

    For Sale R&M Delite 2 Rohloff

    It's been a while since last on here, things have changed. I am thinking of moving my Delite on to a new owner, never thought I would but a damaged hand is causing me gear change problems. It has 14,200 miles on the clock and the same battery. Still gets me 20 miles in my hilly ride. It's in...
  2. Croxden

    Snow problems in Canada

    This in this mornings Guardian I thought it could only happen here.
  3. Croxden

    Journey into Space

    I've just gone back in time into the future on Radio4 Extra (Radio 7 that was). The Red Planet, takes me back to a dark kitchen listening via a radio extension. Ah, they were the days. Knocks spots of today's stuff.
  4. Croxden

    Bimoz mid drive kit

    I have just seen this I would like to provide power to my Birdy but have yet found anything suitable. Would this work perhaps?
  5. Croxden

    New folding bike idea

    I like the idea of this bike but riding position looks odd. But then a lot of Americans seem to have ride like this, to many burgers & doughnuts maybe?
  6. Croxden

    Colder calls than normal

    We had recently posts about cold calls from the nuisance people ringing usually wanting to fix your computer or to get you money from the Banks and the like. I now have had a batch of folk wanting to sell me a funeral plan and they are persistent, despite me telling them I have enough to deal...
  7. Croxden

    Taking a few days off.

    I'm having a few days off from bike riding which is a pity as I have almost reached 7000 miles on the Delite, I wanted to do this before using the Haibike for a while. So why the pause? Well on Tuesday, Lynn & I decided to ride the Monsal trail, from Buxton to Bakewell. Very nice it is and...
  8. Croxden

    Info on Brooks Saddles

    Just had this arrive, may be interesting to those who have saddle questions.
  9. Croxden

    The Man Behind Ford's MoDe:Flex E-Bike

    For those who didn't think Ford designs the bikes. Look at
  10. Croxden

    Ford - Bikes for the future?

    Not a Ford fan myself but these prototypes look interesting. Any comments?
  11. Croxden

    Faradion Electric Bike: Prototype Powered By Sodium-Ion Batteries

    I have no doubt this will be shot down but at least people are still trying to get things moving.
  12. Croxden

    Just in case you are confused, here's something else.

    I have no doubt this unit isn't going to be as good as it first appears but thought it might fit my Birdy.
  13. Croxden

    Aldi stuff today

    Amongst the items in today are the Bike Quick Fix Tyre Repair canisters. I used one of these when I had a rear puncture on my Delite. That was over 2500 miles ago, I'm convinced so I have been to get another half dozen, one for each wheel. Saves me having to swap things around when changing...
  14. Croxden

    It has started already.

    I have commented many times on these pages how I dislike derailleur gears and the reason I chose Rohloff on my other bike. There are over 6000 miles and only an oil change and still going as new. The new bike (Haibike XDuro all mtn pro) has just over 400 miles and it encouraged me to walk...
  15. Croxden

    When things decide to go wrong.

    I would as I was an early start to give my new Haibike a good ride. Every thing was going well and decided to ride would up the steep track through the wood, using the eco setting. It has a good grip the bike and I go to the top and am beginning to warm up. It had has started chilly and so I...
  16. Croxden

    Oscar Wild said...

    The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it... I can resist everything but temptation. I took my Delite to OnBike in Worcester for a looking at. I had a sticking brake piston I was reluctant to play with and thought Martin was more qualified. The Intuit display has had its...
  17. Croxden

    New safety rules for London

    I wonder if these new safety rules will stop the death rates. I think it should reduce the fatalities but injuries will remain at the same level. Your thought...
  18. Croxden

    Computer Woes

    Some kind sole has encrypted all my files so I can't read any. It's the Cryptowall 3.0 and it seems little can be done to resolve the problem other than paying them the ransom money. That's the sort of thing I don't do. Despite all the protection I use, including having a crypto preventer...
  19. Croxden

    Snow & Boredom

    Looking out of the window today makes me wish I had a winter bike with studded tyres. It snowed on Boxing Day and the ice and snow are still here. The local authorities have been boasting of the amount of grit they have in stock, but like me, must have put it in a safe place never to be seen...
  20. Croxden

    Omni Wheel by Evelo

    Yet another all in the wheel device. Any comments on this one?