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  1. twinkle

    cable source for ebike wiring

    Hi Folks , Does anyone have any links for the thin multicore cables used on e-bike parts . eg throttle 3 and 4 core , brake 2 core and 5 core aux wiring . Currently stuck without a source . regards Emma
  2. twinkle

    tsdz2 on an ICE trike

    Tsdz2 install on an ICE sprint RS The Tsdz2 was supplied by Woosh . Fitting on a tadpole trike required the battery leads ,the remote control switches and speed sensor lengthening by 80mm After removing the chainset , it was a relative easy job to fit the motor and make a battery mount. The...
  3. twinkle

    20" wheel rear disc brake 328 rpm motor/ controller wanted 36v

    Hi Folks I am looking for a 36v rear wheel for the folding e-trike that is currently under construction Preferably a q100 screw on freewheel type , LCD screen controller , Pedelec and thumb throttle setup in NICE condition Please PM me with details of what you have - new or secondhand...
  4. twinkle

    Project X , emma's folding e-trike

    Hi this is the latest and possibly last in the trike builds a folding e-trike Full build history is on atomic zombie Currently looking for a replacement 20" e-wheel with disc and controller to upgrade from the one fitted later's emma
  5. twinkle

    Another 20" wheeled e-trike

    Hi Folks . I might have been quiet of late but another trike has come out of the garage . Any similarities to anything else is purely coincidental or even incidental . The past few months have been a mixture of car repairs , a new caravan ( and sorting it out ) , lots of triking holidays...
  6. twinkle

    Mamil eater e-BMX bike

    Hi Folks Its been a bit quiet here lately , a controller problem on one of the e-trikes and the transportable trike undergoing a spray job , and some domestic chores to sort , a few months ago l picked up an old BMX that had seen better days and after a few possible scenarios we decided to...
  7. twinkle

    micro connector bits needed

    Hi Folks Can anyone help please ? I have a controler led display ( all new ) and loom with micro connectors fitted and I need pair of brake levers , throttle and pedelec sensors to fit the system . I have been waiting for the supplier for the bits for 6 months and still no joy so any...
  8. twinkle


    Hi Folks Preston Park here in Brighton Sussex has the oldest outdoor Velodrome in the United Kingdom. Built around 1887 it has been host to some of the best track racing cyclists, including Reg Harris in the fifties . Because of a lack of maintenance by Brighton and Hove Council , The British...
  9. twinkle

    Recumbent Electric Tadpole trike -Full size - for Sale

    Street- E -Fox Recumbent Tadpole Electric Trike Hi There . I have my spare Hand built recumbent electric trike for sale , built /finished 2014 it is a 20" front /26 " rear e-trike with rear suspension . the specifications include Shimano 28 speed gears ( thun quad chainset) and...
  10. twinkle

    My folding e-shopper

    A few months ago my father in law gave me his old shopper bike ,"I know you will be able to do something with it that's why l wanted you to have it " he grinned . with 3 speed , rusty wheels and some rust on the handlebars and stem it was not going to be an easy task . Mountain bike Saddle...
  11. twinkle

    Adjusting a currie e-hubs bearings

    Hi Folks Anyone have any Idea how to adjust the bearings on a currie e-hub as fitted to an Izip ez go or :eek: do I need to rip it all apart and replace the bearings :mad: , little bit of guidance will help do l need to remove the band brake to find an adjuster ? . any advice...
  12. twinkle

    Building a 20" wheel tadpole e-trike from scratch

    Hi Folks , The next project is a 20" wheel tadpole e-trike that will fit easily in one piece in the boot of my mondeo estate . I am using a Izip ezgo wheel that I will rebuild into a 20" rim and combining it with a 36v controller . Hopefully the reduction in torque using the larger wheel will...
  13. twinkle

    Izip ezgo hub motor

    Hi folks Hoping for a techie that might be able to help me I have just been given a broken ezgo ( frame fatigue on the seat post ) I was hoping to strip out the rear 16" wheel . remove the single freewheel and rebuilt the (28h ) motor into a 20" rim ( I have a 28 hole rim ) with a...
  14. twinkle

    Be careful! This sender has failed our fraud detection checks.

    Hi Folks Been getting this a lot lately on my update emails from pedelec , anyone else had this on the top of their emails The only other emails I get this on, is a mate from South Africa (which I expect ) as his email address is his telephone number and Bonprix " Be careful! This...
  15. twinkle

    Can you identify this e-hub please

    Hi Folks I got this hub from ebay about 7 or 8 months ago and built it into a wheel can anyone give me any more information on it , It is a new brushed motor ( 2 wires , it works with 12 v applied across the motor ) It has a built in motor freewheel , what voltage will it run at ? with...
  16. twinkle

    How many electric trikers are on the forum ?

    I thought it would be interesting to find out how many e-trikes are on the forum regards emma
  17. twinkle

    Replacement Battery choices for the e-trike

    Currently the E-trike is fitted with 4 x 12 v 12ah SLA batteries ( 2 each side of the recumbent seat ) apart from the 2 main disadvantages of weight ( 17kgs ) and reduced capacity at the 1 hour rate of 7.2 ah approximately they work and happily give a range of 15 miles per charge . I can...
  18. twinkle

    You have insufficient privileges to post here

    After spending a lifetime in the electronics industry and worked in many technical roles and building 3 trikes from scratch . I try and post in a technical area a question and get "(You have insufficient privileges to post here ) " so what privileges do I need...
  19. twinkle

    E-triker from Brighton

    Hi Folks , I live just outside Brighton and retired a couple of years ago , An ex racing bikie from many years ago , and now a carer for my elderly parent , Being Diabetic I kept fit from Cycling as a hobby now , but as an around town runabout I have built my own Electric Trike from scratch ...
  20. twinkle

    How legal is your e- bike / trike conversion ?

    Hi Folks Wandering through the regulations for electric bikes and trikes , and conversions the regs are very vague . For example brakes on an e-bike must conform to British standard but there are no mention of the criteria of that standard , except that trikes must have all wheels braked ...