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  1. peerjay56

    How many people are using there e-bike off-road?

    Not an ebike Eddie, but some of your rides aren't either;) Some guy called Danny Macaskill:rolleyes: I was very disappointed to see he didn't ride it all, and he really should have tied his boat up. But a really nice method for crossing fences:D
  2. peerjay56

    Ronseal diamond hard paint.

    Try oven cleaner - usual disclaimers apply. Paint stripper ain't what it used to be, but some oven cleaners are still very caustic.
  3. peerjay56

    Am I a tart?

    All enthusiasts seem to be similarly smitten:
  4. peerjay56

    Now this looks appealing.

    Is this something you would prefer not to share Eddie, or have I missed the story in another post somewhere?
  5. peerjay56

    Video of the Bafang BBS02 kit

    The countdown for the hill climb certainly helps make it clear that the camera is on the bike being tested. I like the syncing to the music beat for the speed effect as well. Slightly off topic - isn't the boardwalk a b*gger when it's wet!
  6. peerjay56

    Just found out I will be losing my job...

    Gosh Daniel - sorry to hear your news jobwise, but delighted for you becoming a father! There's more to that than providing an income, as you will discover. I hope the disappointment regarding your job doesn't overpower the joy you should feel at the imminent arrival. This is a good time to see...
  7. peerjay56

    Jeremy Clarkson Suspended

    And on that bombshell...:eek:
  8. peerjay56

    Tow bar bike carriers

    Unlike D8veh, I have persevered with my Wilco (not Wilko) one. Link here. I don't find it that much of a faff to load (often with 2 electric bikes) - well, more accurately, not more of a faff than any other external bike carrier. But then again, I haven't gone down the route of buying a bike...
  9. peerjay56

    Why I like buying from Wiggle

    I'm impressed with your method, VictoryV. I'm simply reducing portion size (early days - always hungry!), and haven't looked at the calorie count - until now. Thank you. PS Have been using the glass of water trick; it does help.
  10. peerjay56

    Tinkerers near Cambridge might be interested in this lot!

    Well I suppose that's one way of avoiding your obligations under the WEEE directive (or whichever legislation governs disposal of old batteries), and making some money to boot!
  11. peerjay56

    How many people are using there e-bike off-road?

    Fascinating stuff, Eddie - I obviously wasn't the only one interested in what you found!;)
  12. peerjay56

    WTB: Throttle kit for Urban mover UM36X

    The wiring in the throttle was not the same as the controller. I finished up putting (I think) a full 36v down the 5v signal wire, because the pin location was different to the controller. There are numerous threads on here about which wire to connect to what. Do a search on 'throttle' or...
  13. peerjay56

    And the kitchen sink

    Traditional use? I've never understood how ladies find this appealing...:D
  14. peerjay56

    WTB: Throttle kit for Urban mover UM36X

    Just make absolutely sure about the wiring when you attach any throttle - I got a throttle direct from UM for a UM36. Foolishly expected it to work out of the box, seeing as it was supposedly a throttle for that bike, and managed to blow the controller, as the wiring was not the same. My own...
  15. peerjay56

    How many people are using there e-bike off-road?

    Been there - done that:rolleyes:It seems the more thoroughly I prepare, the more likely I am to overlook a major component, rather than a small one. Be interested to see some piccies, even though it's somewhat off topic:)
  16. peerjay56

    And the kitchen sink

    Well that particular item certainly explains why it's on your helmet! And it addresses one of the concerns I had which was what happens if someone well meaning takes your helmet off and you become 'separated' from it. If it became more common, then people would expect it, I suppose:)
  17. peerjay56

    Very low step through tadpole trike w electric assist

    It's a pleasing looking variation on a theme, with the advantage that it doesn't increase your roadspace to the extent of a traditional trike. You could do with a test ride first LindsayO. The Noomad website shows Practical Cycles 26 Warton Street Lytham, FY8 5HA UK T +44 (0) 1253 739 680...
  18. peerjay56

    And the kitchen sink

    In the being prepared stakes, I can't fault your kit list Eddie, but from interest I wonder why you attach your medicalert to your helmet, rather than round your wrist or neck, where they would normally be found? Or is this becoming a convention amongst MTBers?
  19. peerjay56

    The Big Bang Theory

    Aah - the classic male neurosis - vagina dentata. Not covered by the room-mate agreement - yet.