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  1. Alan Quay

    Do the cops care about illegal eBikes?

    I'd suggest not, since they are selling this:
  2. Alan Quay

    Selling bikes

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  3. Alan Quay

    Giant Escape error code help.

    A friend asked me to look at a Giant Escape for him. It's showing an error on the display, with the second LED flashing. Anyone know the error codes for this controller? Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  4. Alan Quay

    Mini bottle battery

    Has anyone managed to make a 36v battery that fits into a normal (ish) sized water bottle? I don't mean the big brushed ally things that look like torpedoes like you find on the Kudos bikes. I only need 5-6ah, and was willing to go lipo but I can't seem to get anything with the correct dimensions.
  5. Alan Quay

    De-tune a Bafang CST 500w or possible swap?

    Has anyone tried using the above motor with a 6 FET controller? I have one kicking about, and it runs fine on the bench with a KU65, but I don't know how it'll be on a bike. I don't require much torque, I'm happy with my other SWX bikes in that regard. But, the next build will be all disk brake...
  6. Alan Quay

    GT Timberline (sort of)

    I had this old steel framed GT Timberline kicking around. I really like GT frames, so I thought I'd do a conversion on it. First though, the paint was a mess, and being steel I thought It'd be good plan to get it powder coated. £50 saw it shot blasted and re-painted. I was given a choice of...
  7. Alan Quay

    Throttle, Crank Drive or Off Road?

    Just checked, 6/10 of the most recent threads are not related to pedelecs. I'm no statistician, but by some measures that's just over 51.9% While I accept the need for an off topic section, the current proportion is f##king ridiculous. I can remember a time when this country was great, a...
  8. Alan Quay

    DIY toe clips or straps

    As discussed in another thread, I wanted to use toe clips with my bikes. I like the look of Powergrips and Restrap, but but because I believe in conserving the planets precious resources (but mostly 'cos I'm a tight wad) I thought I'd make some. Whenever I get a new toolbag/laptop bag/holdall...
  9. Alan Quay

    A confession....

    I have something to confess. The thing I've done is not illegal, but I must admit to feelings of shame and guilt. In the past the thought of it turned my stomach, I couldn't understand why anyone would do it. But, eventually ones urges will out. The truth is I enjoyed it more than I...
  10. Alan Quay

    New Electric bike shop, Devon

    Thought this might be of use to anyone about to make a purchase. There's a new shop about to open, coincidentally in my village of Woodbury, East Devon. It's nothing to do with me I assure you. I think they said they will be selling Bosch, but they definitely said 'the high end stuff'...
  11. Alan Quay

    Energy consumption figures

    A few months ago there was some discussion on here about energy consumption figures, and what is considered 'normal'. So, while I had my meter connected I thought I'd measure my (just over) 10 mile ride, just to see what I achieve. The results surprised me a little if I'm honest. I used 67wh...
  12. Alan Quay

    Battery review: Hailong 13Ah Frame Battery from Eclipse Bikes.

    Having just purchased one of these, I thought I'd give some feedback. I've been waiting for them to come back in stock for a month or so now, so when I noticed they had some I ordered straight away, on Saturday morning. £247 including delivery, which I think is quite good value for money. It...
  13. Alan Quay

    Small battery required

    I need a small (10ah, 36v) battery for my latest build. I have used the 09 batteries from BMS before, and I quite like them. I notice they also have an 08 model, and they still have the bottle type. Electrically, they will all do the job as I have a separate controller. Low weight and size are...
  14. Alan Quay

    Next project: light assist bike

    I've been messing with electric bikes for a few years now, and as a result I'm a bit fitter than I was before. Still no superman, but I regularly cycle un-powered. Problem is anywhere from my house involves some kind of steep hill. It puts me off and gives me an excuse to sit on my (slightly...
  15. Alan Quay

    Bafang CST Electric bike Kit + 20Ah Battery For Sale

    Hi all, I have the following items that I no longer use and would like to sell on: 1. Bafang CST 500w Motor, in 26" wheel. About 2 years old, <500 miles use. 2. BMS Battery S12P controller and LCD display and Speed sensor. 3. 20 Ah BMS Battery Shrink Wrapped Lithium-Ion battery. About 2 years...
  16. Alan Quay

    Hydraulic Brakes

    I'm away for the weekend in Cornwall, and I brought my newly refurbished (manual) MTB with me. During the refurb I put on a pair of mech disk calipers (I know, know) largely because they were laying around, and almost new. The boy and I had a nice ride in the forest yesterday, climbing about...
  17. Alan Quay

    New tyres. Cool or weird?

    I bought these Fat Frank's for my electric cruiser, which already has black FF's on. I love the way they ride, so I thought I'd bung them on my old analogue MTB for a test. I can't decide if they look good, weird, eccentric or stupid. All opinions are welcome (as long as you don't accuse me of...
  18. Alan Quay

    Fantasy Ebike

    Ok, so let's say you had a mortally possible (let's say £5k) amount of funds for any ebike you wanted. You can buy it, build it, or have it built. You can use it on the road, or on your private estate, it's up to you. What would you do? How would you use it? How much would it cost and what...
  19. Alan Quay

    What's wrong with this forum lately?

    The quality of conversation on this forum has deteriorated significantly over last few months. It's really about the 'signal to noise' ratio for me. An increase in spam, trolling and nastiness, and a decrease in reasonable, sensible and informed discussion. I urge the moderators to consider...
  20. Alan Quay