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    First confrontation.

    I like to reply that i used to own one of those old fashioned bikes years ago,wearing lycra is realy trying to cheat the wind,toe clips give extra assistance,carbon frames are cheating weight,extra gears,most cyclists try and make it easier to pedal,so are cheating in some form.
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    Wanted cheap folder

    Still looking if anybody has an unloved bike taking up space.
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    Wanted cheap folder

    Anything cheap and not to far from birmingham,broken electric or unwanted manual bike,for winter project.
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    Cheap folding bike wanted

    Anybody near birmingham,up to 20 miles approx have an old folding bike,electric or none electric,working or needing major repairs,so long as its cheap for a winter project.
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    Another Journalist`s Ebike Rant .

    I think with drones the risk of bringing an aeroplane down,and venturing into goverment and other high priority sites,forced new legislation,bikes are just a very minor possible nuisance,and are very far down the list of problems that could need attention.
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    carrera e 42 on display

    Hi this is for a work colleague,her partners carrera cuts out and is showing e 42 on display,he has been told it means a faulty cable and will cost £75,anybody know if this is correct,thanks paul.
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    Push mowers the future for me

    I have ridden electric bikes for around 15 years,and there is no way i would go back to a manual bike,they are just too much hard work on hills,but lawn mowers, i have just purchased a £26 push mower from argos,to do the first cut of the year (yes i know its a bit late but i hate gardening). my...
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    Riding over 15mph

    It all depends on the motor,some are very free wheeling some are a pain to use without assistance,even some geared hub motors offer very noticable resistance,some do improve after a long running in period.
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    Replacing a motorbike for my commute

    I seem to remember a few years back,an electric bike was not considered to be a cheaper option than running a motorbike, especially with a 30 mile a day commute,and was done more for exercise or enjoyment than any cost saving,also some bikes have not been the most reliable,it could be a long...
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    E-MTBs for Kids, but not here.

    Electric bikes are far more fun,and lead to more use,kids would probably get more exercise than one laying unused,could even replace some dads taxi journeys,they are also harder to pull wheelies on in most cases,so may be used more sensibly.
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    The ebike market is growing at an amazing rate!!

    At any price point,i am sure a kit based bike could be built,with very little effort that offers better performance,and better components.
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    Age 62. My wife & I purchased a couple of Kalkoff's a few years ago I'm on my second

    Going back ten years,there was a huge problem with batteries,from one of at the time,best rated and fastest ebikes,the sole uk seller washed there hands of any responsibillity,and pointed the finger at the manufacturer.if an electric bike is not capable of getting you around,at less than six...
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    Yes i go quite a bit,its a car ride there for me though,i take my kids to play on swings etc there,so apart from the occassional walk around the lake,i miss out on the rest of the park,i thought it was arrow months ago,but when i saw your location i thought not,but when i saw you ride past the...
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    was that at arrow valley
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    WANTED - low cost e-bike for a newbie

    There are plenty of low cost on ebay and gumtree,just beware low cost used often means an expensive battery could be needed,how low cost are you looking at,then we may help advise.
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    Halfords E-Bikes

    Hi jerry,you inspired me to make my own a123 battery pack several or more years ago,i am a little surprised that with your experience,you are not building something yourself,or at least adding a kit to something,i am sure you could put something far better,lighter and more reliable and much...
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    Has Cyclezee ceased trading?

    I totally agree with you regarding the ezee motor,being at the heart of the bikes,and i am yet to see any other motor that i think, i would really like one to replace my ezee motor,as a kit i still think ezee would make a good choice,but the current range of complete ebikes is a bit too...
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    Lightweight Trekking Bike Build

    Out of interest are there any figures available,to how much difference loss of bike weight makes v loss of rider weight,for example if i lost 2 kilos would that help more or less,than losing 0.5 kilos of bike weight when using lower powered motors,obviously shifting body weight can be very...
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    Has Cyclezee ceased trading?

    I doubt anybody will take on the ezee bikes,once probably the top bikes of the time,after a run of poor batteries they lost sales,even now i think the motors are as good as anything else available today,but the overall bike design seems to have failed to keep up with the competition,old models...