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  1. robwalley

    Battery Connectors

    Just received my Frey HT1000 on the slow train from China. All is good but it came with a 48v 5 amp charger for the 21amp battery. To make it last a bit longer as I will never require fast charging, I was looking to get a smart charger like the one Luna sell to charge at 1-2amps. However, my...
  2. robwalley

    Kalkhoff Integrale i8 Seatpost Clamp

    While the Impulse EVO RS motor is very good to use but has a bad rep for longevity, I just had a three and half year old 5000+ miles motor replaced for free by Kalkhoff, just labour charges at my LBS. Their customer service (only via dealers and a few days) is excellent. Anyway, noticed a split...
  3. robwalley

    Kalkhoff Impulse EVO RS

    Just bought a second hand Kalkhoff Integrale i8 with the Impulse EVO RS as an upgrade to my wife's cube with puny bosch active (40nm) On initial test, the torques sensor is set way too high, I've got lung problems and cannot use this the way it is. I have noticed though, there are two possible...
  4. robwalley

    Frey HT1000 (Bafang 1000w offroad)

    Anyone seen this new bike for next year. Motor and battery specs are awesome. Kit isn't bad either. Bafang G510.1000 48v, 21Ah battery - 78pc 3500mA cells (Samsung?) Rockshox Reba 120mm travel Shimano DEORE M6000 10 speed gears Handlebar, Stem & Seatpost - Promax Al alloy Saddle, SR sport...
  5. robwalley

    Bafang Lights

    I Have 36v lights front and back directly connected to the motor battery (nice and bright). Because I'm not keen on my fuggly mechanical light switch, I wondered how to use the built in light switch on the DPC-14 and newer BBS02 to achieve this. Surely a simple 6v relay on the bafang light...
  6. robwalley

    Bafang BBS02 (B) battery wire guage

    Because I wish to build a new ebike, replace a faulty magnetic cadence disc and circuit, have a smooth Lake Constance trip (shortly) and have a 'B' version, I purchased a replacement BBS02B 36v 500w for my current (only flaky up very steep hills pulling high amps on assist only) version one...
  7. robwalley

    Bafang BBS02 Stutter

    First ride this year (shoot me) since November 2017 with fully charged battery and no other changes, but stutters on the steepest hill at the 100% assist levels. Not low voltage (fully charged and I know what that feels like). I use the BafangConfigTool app, but like I said no changes since last...
  8. robwalley

    Eggrider V2 for Bafang BBS01 BBS02 BBSHD

    Been trying their V1 for a few months which is just a bluetooth box instead of display. You then use your phone as the display, the software also allows you to program the controller instead of using the BafangConfigTool.exe and USB/Serial cable saving the hassle of unplugging that nail snapping...
  9. robwalley

    DPC-14 Colour Display / Bafang BBS02 Controller

    I've been beta testing the eggrider device which after some improvements should be just the ticket, however I have noticed some differences that indicate some strange things. When programming the controller I have 20% level 1 rising to 100% level 9. This is on a 36v 500w BBS02 with 14.5a...
  10. robwalley

    Bafang assist levels

    Somehow a while ago via the DPC-14 display and the Bafang config software, I set 6 assist levels (I still do), it stops at 6 when pressing the + button, but I have no idea how I did it? Tried various combos to over-ride the 3-5-9-UAE but to no avail. Going to 5 levels for now, but if anyone can...
  11. robwalley

    EggRider Bafang Bluetooth Device

    This little box plugs in the same place as any display (green plug) and you connect via any android device to take. Anyone interested take a look at this link: I've purchased the beta version and will be feeding back to the software guys over the next few week...
  12. robwalley

    Battery Chargers

    Was thinking about a higher amp charger for my 36v 10s5p 14.5A lithium battery. Not bothered that my current charger is only 2A, requiring overnight usually. But was thinking of longer day trips requiring a couple of hours charge at a lunchtime watering hole half way round and it would be nice...
  13. robwalley

    Bosch 4a Charger for performance and active lines

    I bought a replacement battery second hand and it came with a charger, so I now have two. Offers please, it is on ebay also.
  14. robwalley

    Bosch Speed Sensor

    Random speed sensor working, not working on an active system. Stop at pub, get back on, no speed, no errors, nothing and of course no assist, pedal home leave overnight and working again. Doesn't stop or start working unless system is turned off and on again (not windows 10) but not every...
  15. robwalley

    Bosch Battery/Charger issue

    Won't seem to charge past 39v. All cells I can reach with the multimeter read 3.89v, but I cannot read the accumulative voltages, the pins are just too small for the multimeter. Also, although the incoming voltage from the charger also reads 39v, there is a third pin to/from the charger, so DC...
  16. robwalley

    Please Ignore

    Admin please delete or tell me how to.
  17. robwalley

    BBS02 Pedalling Backwards

    Just changed over from Rohloff gears to SRAM DD3 gears, absolutely no changes to motor, battery or controller settings. All great, but pedalling backward at certain cadences kicks the motor forward when passing the sensor points, not serious, only noticeable at lights and junctions and on the...
  18. robwalley

    3 Speed Shifters

    Having purchased a brand new wheelset with a SRAM dualdrive 3 cheap for a Bafang BBS02, I was aware it came with no small parts, shifters, cassettes etc. I have got most of what I need, but was considering a standard 3 sprocket front derailleur trigger as a pose to the dualdrive 3 speed shifter...
  19. robwalley

    SRAM DualDrive

    Thought I put daft ebay offer on an SRAM DualDrive 700c wheelset (front with shimano dynamo). Got the whole set for £120. OK need to add shifter, cassette, clickbox and chain, but still a bargain. I am going to replace my rohloff wheelset (temporarily) with this and a 8 or 9 speed cassette and...
  20. robwalley

    BMS Low Voltage Cutout

    I am just beginning to tweak settings on a BBS02 controller via the Bafang ConfigTool software and USB/Serial cable and it occurred to me that there are probably two different low voltage cutouts. One I have set for the controller and another on the battery BMS. I have a 14.5a 36V which the BMS...