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    mtbe mode

    hi all, I know this has been discussed before, just cannot remember outcome. I have a Cannondale trail 2019 bosch bike, with mtbe mode . i just do not get much out of this mode at all, i know its purpose is for technical steep short climbs, but i am 65yrs just not fit enough for that kind of...
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    bosch question

    bosch cube reaction 500 2019 model for sale on Glasgow gumtree, looking for £1500, originally £2600, says has been professionally derestricted by bosch tuningtech or whatever, thought bosch put a veto on new bosch models where you could not derestrict them anymore, but i suppose if it is a...
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    low sun

    been having 2-3 days cold but sunny weather.The thing that worries me a bit is the low sun, not so much for my own vision but the cars coming from behind, you are just hoping their vision is not impaired with the low sun and that they can see you ok. wife nearly had collision with her car and...
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    bike bus

    Have been reading about bike bus service from Edinburgh to Berwick and border areas. they have increased bike space from two to ten bikes, and plan 20 bike space by febuary. easy fitting bike rack just sits in rack, not like the hideous cattle hooks on trains, having to try and lift a ebike onto...
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    orbea gain

    been looking at the orbea gain, quite impressed by reviews , seems reasonable value, but the only thing that puts me off big time is that you cannot take battery off frame for charging, have to bring whole bike into house, I can actually live with that but the big stumbling block for me is...
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    tubeless the way to go

    met a few ebike mountain bikers at weekend, they were all tubless and have never looked back, one said he has not had a puncture in the four years he has had the tyres. not sure to convert or not, quite happy with my shwalbe puncture proof tyres, just wondering what other ebikers think.
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    anyone had dealings with, Italian internet bike company, do bosch batteries at competitive prices,- 500wh-£436, 400wh £368, 300wh,£278, only thing not clear how much for shipping they state depending on weight of components for united kingdom between £13-30 odd pounds, it still has...
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    bosch ebike batteries

    bought a bosch ktm ebike a few months ago on gumtree,works great 3000k on clock, 400wh downtube battery, 3 years old and I can get about 50 miles per charge really impressive for a battery 3 years old, so wondering is there a vast difference between the 400 and 500wh range wise, and is the...
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    charging on train

    just curious, with the charging points on trains for laptops and mobile phones would there be enough power to charge ebike battery, although you would have to be discreet
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    bosch nyon

    hi everybody I just purchased 2016 used bosch ktm cross gps 10 , cannot get to change from kilometres to miles on nyon, would be very gratefule for any relpies, thanks.
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    re celling bosch bateries

    just wondering if there is a company that re cells bosch batteries, if not is there reasonably priced bosch batteries you can purchase online.thanks
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    new BH bikes

    I see 50cycles are selling these new BH bikes with rear motor and 500 or 600wh batteries. They claim 140nm torque, just wondering with the ebikers in the know if this is highly unlikely and is there a good chance of internal motor damage on the long run with this amount of torque. Also does...
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    road safety with electric cars

    just wondering when electric cars and other vehicles become the norm the roads might be a more dangerous place for cyclists. I know we are usually as careful as can be but with silent vehicles it might just take a split second of forgetfulness and there we have it.I use a mirror on my bike and i...
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    Bosch batteries

    Hi folks, just wondering what the best German online website is to purchase Bosch batteries replies very much appreciated
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    kalkhoff endeavour impulse s10 xt grey crossbar 55cm 2014 for sale

    i am selling my kalkhoff , only used for tours, not daily commuting, in great condition, all technical details on 50 cycles, getting 60+miles on eco,still has about 5 months warranty left, only selling because quite fancy the integrale model looking for.£1700, live in glasgow but willing to make...
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    confusing claims

    I see on the 50 cycles website 2016 intrgale bikes both 350 and 250 wh, giving the same potential mileage claim, we all know this is a rough estimate, but I can't understand how they can both give the same mileage-125 miles.If this is true how can the integral 350 wh give more than double the...
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    touring with my kalkhoff endeavour s10

    Had my bike now nearly two years, and have had some great tours with it. My main concern was the the distance with 350w motor,even with 17a battery.but I am relieved to say my fears have been misplaced. I was achieving around 60-65 miles on mixed terrain, although for comfort reasons I usually...
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    gates belt drive

    I see kalkhoff have a gates belt drive with their 2015 s class endeavor.Not having much knowledge of this type of drive, does anyone see this as a good idea with a powerful 350watt motor or is their potential problems