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  1. Jimod

    Happy Birthday

    My Kudos Typhoon is 5 years old today. It's still doing the business and still getting me up hills faster than others. :) My Kudos Tourer will be 8 years old in July. It must be time for another bike, suerly. :)
  2. Jimod

    Broken chain.

    Out on the Tourer today and the chain snapped 4 miles from home. Now, to me this wasn't a problem. However to the woman walking past, she thought I was in trouble. It's OK I said, I'll get home, it's only 4 miles. So, I picked up the chain and stuck it in my bag. The look on her face when I...
  3. Jimod

    A simple fix.

    For the last couple of weeks I've thought I had a problem with the Typhoon. It seemed noisier and didn't pull as well. Then I noticed I had a couple of broken spokes and a buckle in the rear wheel. Down to the local bike chappy and £12 later, the spokes are fixed, the wheel is straight and the...
  4. Jimod

    Birthday jaunt.

    Today is my Kudos Tourer's 6th Birthday so I took it out for a little trip to Linlithgow. The battery on it is 5 years old and still does an easy 30+ miles. I still consider it one of the best buys I ever made. Happy birthday to my bike. :)
  5. Jimod

    A right thrashing today.

    Out on the Typhoon today and feeling good. I'm going up a very slight slope above the cut out speed. I'm feeling chuffed as I'm at 17mph. The sun is shining, it's hot and there's no wind. My chuffedness was short lived, I heard a slight noise behind me and there he was. A lycra clad racing snake...
  6. Jimod

    Happy Birthday to my Kudos Tourer

    My Kudos Tourer is 5 years old today and it's still going strong. We've been through many trips together and there's a few battle scars but it still does the business. I broke the original battery a while ago but my spare battery is about 4 years old and still going strong. I've renewed a...
  7. Jimod

    1 Path, 2 bikes. Quite a difference.

    Out on the Typhoon last week and cycled along a path in Grangemouth as the road was busy with petrol and chemical tankers. Everything was fine and no problems. Today I was out on the Tourer and used the same path. Now, the difference was amazing. The path was so bumpy the bike and my teeth were...
  8. Jimod

    First time out for 3 months.

    I'm in the middle of renovating a house so haven't been out to play for ages. Today I decided on a quick trip on the Tourer. It felt great to get back out again. So, the renovation can slow down a bit. I'm going out more often. I'm not sure the renovation can slow down since I'm going pretty...
  9. Jimod

    Strange puncture..

    I've got a lovely new Schwalbe smart Sam plus on the Typhoon's back wheel. So I confidently went along the canal and got a puncture. At first I was cursing the Schwalbe but when I took the tube out I found a tiny pinhole in it but no sign of anything sticking in or through the tyre. I stuck...
  10. Jimod

    Sod's law

    Yesterday was a lovely sunny and warm day. I decided on a little cycle to my favourite cafe. It's 5 miles away, 4 miles of which is along the canal. I decided to take my non electric bike. I decided to travel light. I tool just the essentials: A pump, small toolkit, puncture repair kit and a...
  11. Jimod

    Schwalbe Smart Sam Plus

    I decided to buy one Schwalbe smart Sam plus for my Typhoon. I stuck it on the rear since that's the hardest to fix a puncture if you need to take the wheel off. I've done about 100 miles with it and must say, I like it. It rolls smooth and more importantly, it's quiet. The standard tyres whine...
  12. Jimod

    Attitudes to ebikes.

    Today was the annual Glasgow to Edinburgh ride. I was in amongst it for about 15 miles. On one hill leaving a village I overtook every bike on the hill. The road then undulates gently for a few miles. On this part I became aware of 2 cyclists alongside me, close and keeping pace. As we reached...
  13. Jimod

    Summer has last!

    OK, up here in the frozen North, Summer has come. I did 25 miles on the Typhoon, mostly along the canal. The warm weather brings out every cyclist, dog, walker and weirdo. They all seemed to head for the canal. I think the tow path needs to be extended so it's 10' wide. Anyway, I enjoyed...
  14. Jimod

    Tyres! Again :)

    OK, I've now got the Tourer on Schwalbe marathon plus tyres and I've been thinking about the Typhoon. It's 29 * 2.1 and on the schwalbe site it looks like I need either smart sam or rocket ron tyres. I'm looking for a tyre with some puncture protection. Has anyone tried either of these? Or, is...
  15. Jimod

    Ronseal diamond hard paint.

    I've got this devil's brew on the steps at the rear of my house, I've been trying to remove it for days. I've tried: Nitromors, some paint remover from screwfix and even sanding it off. It's a right pain. Has anyone got any ideas of how to remove it?
  16. Jimod

    My bottle battery experiment.

    I've got it all done now and today was the first chance I've had to try it out on the road. It was cold, damp, windy and threatening to rain, so I only did 14 miles. I'm glad to say it worked, it worked just fine. After 14 miles the LCD on the Tourer was showing 3 out of 6 dots. The battery...
  17. Jimod


    OK since I posted about fitting an extra battery to my Kudos Tourer I've done it. I've got the bottle battery from my Typhoon fitted to the Tourer. It works. I just need to tidy up the look of the wiring and stuff and it's a goer. I also need to get the rain to stop so I can get out and try it...
  18. Jimod

    What type of cable!

    OK, if I was to connect a second battery to my Kudos Tourer, what cable would I need! I mean size and amps and stuff.
  19. Jimod

    Just for a laugh.

    OK with the snow, ice, rain and wind still here I thought I'd do some experimenting in my garage. This involved my Kudos Typhoon and my Tacx rollers. With the front wheel removed and the forks bolted to the rollers the bike is stable and secure. Last year I posted about getting 35 mph on...
  20. Jimod

    I've resigned.

    OK, I've resigned from my job and I oficially finished today. Hopefully this will mean I get lots more miles in on my bikes. I've been challenged to a 45 mile ride on a non electric bike :( in the summer and have no excuse since I've now got plenty of time on my hands. Anyway, happy new year...