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  1. oldtom

    Website update

    It isn't quite finished yet, I believe, but the appearance and layout of the site has been improved considerably by the update. I like it! Tom
  2. oldtom

    One view on London cycling…….

    I'm stealing this from the '50Cycles' people, Tim Snaith to be perfectly accurate, plus the 'Spectator' which I'm given to understand is a newspaper not read very often by white van man and I'm sure they won't mind: The Spectator's Mary Wakefield cycles in London but this hasn't stopped her...
  3. oldtom

    Children killed in Holland while being carried in electric 'stint'.

    How absolutely awful, particularly in The Netherlands where nearly everyone cycles or rides a cargo bike, or has done during their life. I can only think something malfunctioned but we will discover that in the weeks to come. My thoughts are...
  4. oldtom

    Pulling a trailer under load......Flecc?

    This is hardly original but I have to say that I admire the young fella for his attitude: Tom
  5. oldtom


    In the light of recent publicity and today's announcement that Canada has decided to decriminalise cannabis, does anyone see any problem with the UK taking similar action? I did like this pic from a cannabis oil users' website and actually found it reflects very well the current situation in...
  6. oldtom

    Tesla - another one catches fire

    I think the electric car makers have a bit of work on their hands to convince the public that cars with giant batteries for propulsion are safe........... world-us-canada-44511200 Tom
  7. oldtom

    Things I didn't know......and confusion.

    Because I have never paid much attention to it, I have never been able to remember the date of Fathers' Day in the UK. As with Easter, it seems Fathers' Day is a moveable feast and just to add to my confusion, rather like the Queen's birthday, I have to deal with two celebratory occasions...
  8. oldtom

    Helmets - again!

    I know the helmet debate has been done to death in these pages but while many readers here might have seen the attached video, I only saw it a little while ago and I remain ambivalent on the subject. That said, although I have owned a helmet for a few years, I have rarely worn it but I have...
  9. oldtom

    Stratospheric prices

    Since I first looked in on this website nearly ten years ago, interest in electric bikes has soared. It worries me somewhat though that the market will quickly diminish if prices continue their upward spiral as more and more manufacturers and sellers seek to make hay while the sun shines. Some...
  10. oldtom

    RIP to a dedicated cyclist

    It has been reported that Leonard Finch who grew up and began cycling as a youngster in Walthamstow, had died in a crash in Suffolk. I have to confess that I had never heard of the man but the BBC news article describes him as 'inspirational'. Others may be more familiar than me with Mr...
  11. oldtom

    Clearing the snow away.

    Can anyone identify this location? It's certainly not any major road I'm familiar with in the UK;). I guess it's probably one of those European countries where they invest in their infrastructure so they are able to deal properly with winter conditions. Tom
  12. oldtom

    One for the conspiracy theorists, I suspect.

    This incident, remarked on by 'The Skwawkbox', is deliciously perplexing and one wonders what, exactly, was going on in Chelsea yesterday to cause the situation described. It all seems rather bizarre and more than a little unnerving. Perhaps there has been some clarification in the London news...
  13. oldtom

    Finally, in Saudi Arabia.......

    Our great friend in the middle east oil-producing area, Saudi Arabia, has finally given women the right to drive cars with just one or two very minor conditions that will help women avoid infringing the law: It seems that there are two or three minor hiccups still to be
  14. oldtom

    Hurricane devastation

    We in the UK rarely experience the kind of weather that creates the damage we have witnessed via TV as a result of Katrina and Irma recently around some of the Americas and the Caribbean. Although I have read lots of material about the trail of damage through Florida from friends there, this...
  15. oldtom

    Two-tier justice

    The young woman, fine student hoping to become a surgeon one day, who viciously attacked her boyfriend with a knife while she was under the influence of drink and/or drugs has illustrated once again how skewed our judicial system is. Had this woman not been the product of a well-to-do family...
  16. oldtom

    The Dutch Reach

    The BBC has an item in amongst their propaganda 'news' today about the painful and sometimes fatal problem of a car door being opened in front of an oncoming cyclist. There are several videos online, of which this is one, describing a way to possibly avoid such incidents - I prefer that word to...
  17. oldtom

    No motor....ok...ish!.....but no gears either.........Mmmm?

    I thought about that for a moment.....a very brief moment before convincing myself that I couldn't manage that; not now, not back then - not ever! This guy must be a masochist and get pleasure out of self-inflicted pain but fair play to him, he's one of a very small bunch of extremely...
  18. oldtom

    Critics think this is a load of hist - they could be right!

    While we ponder the best way to avoid death on our roads through the daily interaction of powerful vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians, the Dutch, who are way ahead of the UK in such matters already, have people studying the feasibility of a new type of surface for their cycle lanes: Tom
  19. oldtom

    Denmark - where, like some other EU states, cyclists do nice things..

    ....for free! Tom
  20. oldtom

    George Osborne's 'Northern Powerhouse.....

    Londoners need to be on the lookout for infiltrators from the north attempting to undermine the southern way of life, probably to assist their case that the north desperately requires greater investment in infrastructure and industry. This recent example illustrates the confrontational approach...