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  1. SteveRuss

    Dashcam Back Up Battery question for the techs

    Hi guys I recently installed a front and rear Dashcam in my car due to constant hit and runs whilst my car is parked. I've grown sick of the general lack of respect some bad drivers have for other people's property. My car is riddled with dents and scratches. None of which I am responsible for...
  2. SteveRuss

    Check this bad boy out

    I was recently in Amsterdam working and came across a bike shop with this in the window :)
  3. SteveRuss

    2012 Trek 7.4 requires disc brakes

    My girlfriend has ridden this bike to and from work for about four years now. She loves the bike but often complains about the brakes. I didn't realise how bad they were until she described emergency stopping with them. For her safety I thought I would look in to whether it's possible/affordable...
  4. SteveRuss

    If you voted IN then here's a second chance for common sense

    Whatever your views, the EU referendum was just an advisory so to act on such a close call is such a travesty for all sides. People are entitled to their own opinions but If you view is that this referendum was based on a campaign of lies and deceit then feel free to sign against the result...
  5. SteveRuss

    What motor is this please?
  6. SteveRuss

    Electric Bike Thief

    Well. Sort of an electric bike post
  7. SteveRuss

    What do you think this is worth?

    Only fours hours left on Ebay so it's a bit of a throw away thread. The battery is obviously pretty much done but with that taken in to consideration, what do you think would be a fair final price to pay. I'm thinking maybe £400 at a push.. 15,000 miles. Maybe £300 at a push...
  8. SteveRuss

    Anyone missing a Kalkhoff in Bristol?

    This has all the hallmarks of a stolen bike. £70 though :eek:
  9. SteveRuss

    Drift Stealth 2 Bike Camera Going Cheap!!

    I decided to remove my Polaroid xs100 from my helmet and move it back in to my car and then buy a smaller and more discrete helmet camera. I kind of decided on the Drift Stealth 2 as it's reviews are pretty decent (with some issues but most things have something to dislike). £149 was around the...
  10. SteveRuss

    Bafang Fun conversion for Boardman Hybrid Pro. Advice needed please.

    I haven't got around to selling my few year old Boardman Hybrid Pro. It's in excellent mechanical condition so I thought i'd offload it to the general public as is. I've however been toying with the idea of converting it myself to a street legal Pedelec using one of the Bafang BBS kits that you...
  11. SteveRuss

    Night riding with no bike lights

    Although I live in Bristol, I spend a reasonable amount of time in London. I am currently working in Greenwich and have been quite shocked at the amount of people (adults) riding on the roads at night with no lights whatsoever. One after another.. It felt like it was approaching one in every...
  12. SteveRuss

    Changing my pedals

    I decided to change the pedals on my Kalkhoff Pro Connect Alfine 8G as the ones that come with it have little to no grip when things get greasy and/or wet. The right hand pedal came straight off with an allen key. The left however nearly bent the allen key trying to get it off (i'm fairy strong...
  13. SteveRuss

    Road. The movie

    I just watched this last night. For those that haven't heard of it it's about the Dunlop brothers, and a couple of the sons of Robert Dunlop, who are primarily road racers as in the Isle of Man TT races. Amazingly good, moving and informative documentary. I welled up on a couple of occasions...
  14. SteveRuss

    New Kalkhoff Evo.

    Just spotted that Kalkhoff seem to have a new range coming out. New motor (the Impulse Evo) with a slight increase of torque to 75nm. Built in USB and some sort of satnav link up with your smart phone. They look and sound very interesting!!
  15. SteveRuss

    Currency Market Fix fines banks £3.6billion

    When does a criminal charge not translate to a real world punishment for a human being? When the banking sector are involved.
  16. SteveRuss

    Nearly lost my new sunglasses

    I probably should have known better than to trust this guy. Read the comments on Youtube for a better general explanation... Excuse my language..!
  17. SteveRuss

    Conservative Majority

    I know there will be very mixed opinions on the results of the Uk elections today, but I personally feel disappointed with the British people that we decided to choose a government that is hell bent on continuing the current economic policy of austerity, as well as (for I believe) is for their...
  18. SteveRuss

    Electric Trike for Disabled Friend

    A mate of mind had a stroke a number of years ago and has little to no use in one of her arms. Walking is difficult as well. Her BF asked me about current electric Trikes which may offer her a form of transport other than walking (which is tough for her). I know of none so I thought i'd ask for...
  19. SteveRuss

    Bike Cameras. The Negatives and Positives of using them

    I bought one a few years back for use on my Boardman pedal bike. I had it clipped to the handlebars so most drivers didn't notice it. I have since attached it to the side of my bicycle helmet with a couple of heavy duty cable ties. Since then, i've not really worked out whether it's a bonus...
  20. SteveRuss

    USB from Shimano dynamo hub

    Possible without voiding the warranty? (Kalkhoff Pro Connect Alfine 8G 2014 if that helps anyone...)