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    18650 battery box for front light

    Finally found a 4x18650 battery holder for CREE front lights which doesn't fall apart. The cloth ones with sewn-on velcro straps for the 4-cell packs are absolutely useless - had the straps rip off 3 already and I don't use them much ! Battery pack holders falling apart just makes the lights...
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    eBike holiday in eBike heaven - Porquerolles

    Just back from 4 days on the little island of Porquerolles off the French coast near Toulon. This place is eBike heaven (out of Peak season !). There are only a handful of residents' cars on the island (none for hire) and the rest is bikes, boats and on foot. Got a flight to Toulon from...
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    Spokes for BMS 26" rim w/CST 500W

    Had some great rides on my Trek this Summer in between the grotty weather ! However, finally having trouble with snapping spokes (3rd replacement in a few weeks). I've just replaced 3 near each other on the same side, which all snapped close to the motor rim several miles from home, leaving me...
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    Puncture-proof tyres for mixed on/off-road bike

    I've finally decided to get a 'go-anywhere' (ish!) road bike for more flexibility this Summer - no electric mods (yet!) and going to see how I get on with it "unassisted" :eek:. It's easily up to a decent cross bike in terms of spec and design without being race-oriented and is hopefully going...
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    Carbon Full-Sus E-bike

    Spotted this on a German website ... What's carefully not mentioned (aside from the price) is the motor/battery. Let's hazard a guess it's 250W Bosch mittelmotor with a 12Ah battery ? Would be a bit...
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    For sale : Kalkhoff Agattu C11 Premium Impulse 11-G Alfine

    Thought I'd post here to see if anyone interested. Not getting to use this more than once a fortnight as work means I'm back in the car and away far too much. So I've decided to let it go. Purchased new from 50 cycles in Autumn 2012. This is a step-through bike in Kalkhoff Medium size with...
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    Only on the continent

    Hacked or a sneaky promotional gimmick ... hmmmm !
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    S Pedelec with SRAM dual drive

    OK - thinking again and lost the plot of who is making what... what are the options for the above ? Preferably not a Bosch unless unavoidable. Decent battery capacity essential. Open to options on hybrid vs MTB.
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    Decent track pump

    After far too long working 7 days a week 18+ hours a day (8 weeks straight) I'm finally back up and running after a lot of difficulties last year. Not been out on my bikes for ages until yesterday when after a decent night's sleep, I finally got on the Kalkhoff again. Was such a joy to be back...
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    Cycle paths - know when to duck ..... Pretty sick.
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    Endeavour Impulse S11 Alfine

    Spotted this on 50cycles website... I think if I was choosing a bike today to replace car this is the one I'd go for : Pretty much got it all. Much cheaper than some of the Bosch bikes in that...
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    (Bad ?) luck of the Irish ....

    Blimey :eek:
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    Thorium propulsion

    This would sort us all out as far as ditching our batteries is concerned ... would probably only need a couple of grains of it ! Thorium-Fueled Automobile Engine Needs Refueling Once a Century | Industry Tap
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    London protest

    Blimey .... but not sure what safety measures they are protesting to be introduced ... Cyclists stage mass 'die-in' safety protest after six riders are killed in London in a month | Mail Online
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    Lawnmower battery replacement - help pls !

    Can anyone please help with some questions on replacing a rechargeable SLA lawnmower battery which drives the electric start mechanism of an autodrive petrol mower ? I've got an older Hayter Harrier 481A Autodrive E/S 2800RPM mower The...
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    RFID keyswitches

    Interesting stuff on ES re RFID keyswitches for bikes :) ... looks like there may be some getting made up soon for mod use : • View topic - RFID Keyswitch
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    Brand new premium Suomi/Nokian Hakappellitta W240 40-622(28") Winter Tyres

    Selling off a pair of the above brand new unused - I will be using my MTB this Winter so don't need them and could do with freeing up some space in the garage. These are imported top end carbide-studded tyres from Finland which fit in between the cheaper double row stud Schwalbe Winter Tyres...
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    Sign of the times

    Unconscious cyclist robbed for iPhone in Nigel Road, Peckham | Metro News So the only time people bother to stop and "help" you in the big smoke these days is when they help themselves to your possessions. Can't think of anything on this earth that would make me want to go near London...
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    Mudguards for MTBs & Full-sus

    Saw these - functionality looks pretty good, especially on the rear with seat stay fittings Review here too : Mudguards on Mountain Bikes? | IMB | Free Mountain Bike Magazine Online
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    Bike body design

    Think it's called 'taking her out for a spin' ....