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  1. Aushiker

    Corratec 29er Trekking Diamond

    Anyone have experience with the Corratec 29er Trekking Diamond by any chance or comments on the Bosch mooter these come with? Here in Australia the local "cheap as chips" bicycle importer, Reid Cycles is starting to bring them in and the pricing is pretty good compared to what else is...
  2. Aushiker

    TerraTrike + eBike Kit + Snow = Way Too Much Fun!

    Video is at Facebook ... looks like fun. Andrew
  3. Aushiker

    Video: Programming BBS02

    Thought this might be of interest to some. There is also a very comprehensive and long thread at Endless Sphere on this topic. Andrew
  4. Aushiker

    Bafang BBS01 - Connector Problem?

    I am in the process of transferring my Bafang BBS01 motor from one bike to a new one. I have installed the motor and started wiring up it but have struck a problem similar to what teslanv reported in this video ... I am getting a crackling sound coming from the motor, the battery indicator...
  5. Aushiker

    Dropbar Road Bike Conversions

    Hi I am thinking of converting a road bike (currently riding a recumbent with e-assist) and I note that most conversions that are of road bikes are of flat bar bikes and conversions of drop-bar bikes seem few and far between. I am curious as to why flat-bar bikes seem to be more popular. I am...
  6. Aushiker

    eBike Australia New eBike Print Mag

    It seems that the demand in Australia for e-bikes is such that Bicycling Australia is willing to buck the trend in print publishing and bring out a dedicated e-bike magazine. All the best to them with the publication. Further details for those interested at Andrew
  7. Aushiker

    Bafang BBS01/ C961 Display and Throttle Issues

    Hi I have a couple of small issues with my Bafang BBS01 36V with the C961. (1) The battery level shows full irrespective of the level of charge. For example I have ridden 57 kilometres since the first charge yet the display is still showing a full battery. Either I am getting amazing battery...
  8. Aushiker

    Crimping Tool

    I have one of those I guess they would be described as basic crimping tools, a wire stripper/crimp tool combo that sells for a few pesos. Something along the lines of this type but not even as fancy as this: Anyway what I have is not the greatest tool and reading the How to Make A Quality...
  9. Aushiker

    Interview with Maurice Wells of Glow Worm Bicycles have a new segment which they call "Interview with an Ebike Celebrity." They kick off the segment with an interview with Maurice Wells of Glow Worm Bicycles in Sydney. Glow Worm Bicycles are the Australian distributor for eZee bikes in Australia, as well as sellers of other...
  10. Aushiker

    EBikes: The Future according to Edward Benjamin

    Edward Benjamin Senior Managing Director of eCycleElectric LLC, and Chairman of Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) guests posts at Electric Bike Report on the electric bike of the future. We have not seen the end of improvement in utility. Batteries in particular have room for...
  11. Aushiker

    Taking a look at the iZip E3 Peak (2014 model)

    The Electric Bike Report has posted a look at the iZip E3 Peak, 2014 edition. Currie Technologies has really gone all out with this new high speed (28 mph) e-mtb that features a 350 watt mid drive motor, 48V mid mount lithium battery, 27.5″ (650b) wheels, RockShox suspension fork, and more...
  12. Aushiker

    Satiator608 Universal 24-48V Battery Charger, 60V 8A (GRIN) have released a universal charger, the Satiator608. More details on the charge at Endless Sphere including user manual and brochure. Key features: • Supports All Major Chemistries • 20-60V Output Range • 100-240 VAC Input Range • Up To 8 Amps Charging Current • Rugged...
  13. Aushiker

    FlyPedals - Universal Clipless Bike Pedal Adapter

    FlyPedals are the simple, lightweight, and affordable adapter to convert your road or mountain bike for casual riding. Don't buy a second or third bike for the casual ride around the neighborhood. With one set of the best clipless pedal to platform pedal adapters on the market, you can ride...
  14. Aushiker

    36V DC to 6V AC Inverter - Such a Beast?

    I had hoped to run a Busch & Muller Lumotec IQ2 179B on my bike but it has been pointed out to me that it required a 6V AC power source and of course the current from a e-bike battery is DC and hence my DC to DC converter is not going to do the trick. I have done a bit of search without luck...
  15. Aushiker

    Bosch Gepida Ruga 1000 Review [Australian]

    Australian review at Andrew
  16. Aushiker

    M1 Erzburg, Secede, and Sedan Carbon Fiber Electric Bikes

    European (Australia) and US specifications ... look like quite neat designs. Andrew
  17. Aushiker

    Skylock: Solar Powered Bicycle Lock

    Skylock works with a custom app on iOS and Android mobile devices, via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. That app lets users disengage the lock by pressing an on-screen button, so no physical key is necessary. They can also grant access to friends who wish to borrow their bike, allowing their app-running...
  18. Aushiker

    The Beast: Solar Powered Off-Road Fun

    Resembling something brawnier than a scooter yet not quite a chopper motorcycle, the Beast cuts something of an unusual figure. Inverted suspension forks hold the first of the 10-inch alloy rims and bear a 4,500 lumen LED headlight on the front. The alloy frame sits atop two 19.7-inch off-road...
  19. Aushiker

    Powered Easy Racer Gold Rush for Long Distances

    This Easy Racer Gold Rush belongs to Bill Bushnell. You can read about his bikes and rides on his website. One recent ride was 284 kilometres on this bike. Pretty impressive build. Andrew
  20. Aushiker

    Bafang BBS01 Power Cable Connector

    This is probably a long shot but I just wondering if anyone knows what the battery cable connectors used on the Bafang BBS are called or if you know of a source. It is the plug at the bottom right in this bad photo. The connector is marked 8Fun. Here is a slightly better photo from the...