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    Is it a clutch or gear failure

    Hi all It’s been a whiles since I visited this forum and I am only familiar with crank drives. A friend of mine has a folding bike with the following front wheel hub motor. Seems to lose its drive under load. Ie: with the bike raised off the floor, pedals rotating. The motor drives but the...
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    Non Ebike MTB Gearing

    I've been looking around to replace my Specialized Camber Evo MTB, great bike but it is now time to upgrade. The trouble is that almost all of the bikes I fancy are now offered with a single front chainwheel only. My current, having two. I rode today with a couple of mates that own single...
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    Who's Kalkhoff UK

    Recently appeared posting on the forum. Who are you please?
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    Cadence with age

    10 year ago I found a cadence of 120-125 easily acheiveable. Now at the age of 52, I can't get past 105 rpm. 80-95 being usual and comfortable. When mtb'ing on non electric bikes a good sprint with loads of leg revs is handy. A mate of mine seems to thing that its down to my age and that I...
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    Tapatalk, how can i get rid of message

    Anyone know how I get rid of the irritating tapatalk message that covers half my ipad screen when I return to the forum. I press the x button to get rid of it and instantly get logged out. What ever Tapatalk is, I don't want or need it. How do I prevent my ipad from ever mentioning it again...
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    Like riding through the woods?

    2 Jun 2015 - Perpetrators strung 'at least six' neck-high wires between trees in Coldean Woods, a popular route for cyclists near Brighton. One of my local woods. An extract from cycling weekly. Searching the web show that this is happening all over the country. I can think of a few forum...
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    I've happily ridden many times through cows but this evening whilst riding a path crossing a field, 30 or so cows decided to charge at me from behind. Very, very scary indeed. Thundering would be the word to describe the sound. The field was surrounded by a single wire electric fence and I was...
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    Feeling Guilty

    I was met with a rather unusual scenario, driving home tonight. Rounding the last bend into Brighton marina a pickup truck undertook me, swerved across in front of me and onto the pavement. This being in an attempt to knock over a woman walking on the narrow road side path. He just missed the...
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    Rockshox Reverb Seatpost

    My reverb seat post is giving trouble in this cold weather. Being hydraulic, it would appear that near zero temperatures stop it working. It goes down under pressure but does not always come back up until things warm up or it is inverted. Anyone else using one of these? I guess that its caused...
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    Bosch Walk Assist @ Dealers

    I have two classic Bosch MTB's. Put simply the walk assist on both do not assist. Both assists worked great in the shop at time of purchase but I also need them to work outside as well. Is there a single dealer in the world that can explain how to use this feature to walk the bike up a muddy...
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    Dogs again

    Riding back from work this evening on an empty section of cycle lane on Brighton seafront. 20 mph with tail wind and electrics switched off. At the very moment passed a parked camper the owners dog leapt from the camper door straight under my front wheel. I did not even know that the camper...
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    Burnt out battery connector replacement?

    Hi all. The battery connector on my partners dutch bike has overheated and melted one of its contacts. Whilst I could probably make another, does anyone know where I could get one off the shelf? I am not sure if these are a standard connector or individual to each manufacturer. Any...
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    Our perfect combination

    The weather being so nice last weekend, the pair of us did over 40 miles across the South Downs. Working all week, it is hard to find the time together and this setup is our answer. We could not possibly do this using a regular bike, at least not on the hilly routes we choose. Fabulous...
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    Disk locks

    A good many stolen bikes are ridden away, including mine. It occurs to me that a small disk lock would prevent this. Any attempt to remove by force would severely damage the disk and make riding difficult. I am going to buy some, generally small and low in weight. Does anyone have any thoughts...
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    d8veh, fake tan?

    Dave, I cant help noticing the picture you post of yourself. Your face seems to be a different colour to your body. Is this some sort of fake tan or as a result of some sort of battery experiment?
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    KTM Macina 29 stolen last night

    Hi all My KTM Macina 29 was stolen from home last night. Bike was "D" and cable locked. Covered in heavy duty motorcyle cover and tied. Bike and locks gone, tie straps cut and cover on the ground. Battery and HMI was luckily indoors. So some consolation. My other Non ebike was left, could...
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    My partner is selling her CBF600 after xmas and planning to use the money on an e-tandem. The idea being to take our 5 year old daughter to and from school. She currently uses her dutch e-bike with a small seat. Daughter is getting a bit big now. I have been looking around for e-tandems...
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    Bosch Battery flew down the road

    A word of warning for all people with down tube Bosch mounted batteries. Aimed mainly at those as stupid as myself. Getting ready to leave work the other day, I grabbed the battery off my office charger. Hands full, just plopped it into its down tube holder. Locked up the offices, off...
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    Tag along cycle offroad with KTM

    Such a lovely day on Sunday, thought I'd try our newish tag along bike on the back of my KTM Macina 29. The idea being to introduce my 4.5 yr old daughter to offroad riding. I was interested in her response and I was keen to see how the KTM pulled with the additonal drag. Well, what can I say...
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    Bosch Lighting Connection Whereabouts?

    Can anyone tell me where the 6v output for lighting connection is on the latest Bosch system. Says in the manual that there is one and also the button on the so called human interface suggests that the output/s can be switched on. I have looked in the obvious places but cannot see it.