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    KT Controller problems.

    I've fitted a KT controller & LCD 3 setup to my folding e-bike mainly because I wanted the throttle option. That works great as does the PAS however I can't get Torque to work. I've set P3 =1 and the motor a Bafang has a internal sensor which appears to be working from my tests. The connector...
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    Throttle Recommends ?

    I'm looking at changing my LCD & Controller later in the year to a KT/LCD3 setup to get the option of throttle control which I now lack. I'd much prefer a twist throttle rather than thumb push, anything recommended to work well with that combo ?
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    PSW Power

    I'm considering placing an order with PSWPOWER and looking at their website it's obviously very US orientated. What's the favoured choice when it comes to shipping? there's quite a list of methods and I'm wondering what most people would recommend.
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    Motor + Pedal

    Hi all.. I'm new to the world of E-bikes so please bear with me. I've just purchased a 20 in folding E-bike, 250w hub motor 10 amp battery. Having tweaked the settings on the LCD display I find it reaches around 19 mph on pas level 5, I'm no youngster so that's plenty enough speed for me (on a...