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    Longer Range out of the box

    Well the longest section of the tour de france this year will be a pathetic 147.5 miles. I'd suspect that even if you can ignore speed limits and the weight issues or have some fictional iron man style mini reactor onboard then you would simply fall asleep and slump over the handlebars long...
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    My new mini pump.

    I have one of these, does a funky telescopic thing.
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    road bike frames for electric conversion

    I wouldn't assume a bike is stronger as it has thicker tubes. Often it means the tubes are aluminum which isn't as strong, thinner tubes will be steel/cromo or titanium, anything overly curved is normally carbon fibre. It really depends on your intended uses. I wouldn't advise an ebike made...
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    Decent track pump

    I have one of these, really good pump for the money.
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    Bargain buy - Parts

    Can't see any reason to get the disc brake from them, plenty available over here for less with better service after should anything go wrong.
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    Just about every KOM in london has been taken by someone on a motorbike or scooter or in a car, have given up on them apart from to see my own PRs and stuff. Mostly riding my single speed.
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    [Jul 12, 2014] Dunwich Dynamo - any others riding? (London)

    I don't do many organised events but a friend has talked me into this one. It's cheap at £22 which helps and not as roadie as others. I'm going to be riding single speed with the lfgss forum mob attending.
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    Cycling Gear in Aldi Sunday 04/05/14

    Sunglasses and a pair of them brown cycling shoes if I can get some in my size, fingers crossed for that.
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    Is this your stolen Oxygen?

    Only just finished a stay at her majestys pleasure. The good "bike traders" she has complimentary visit for a few years at a time, all expenses paid with 24/7 security.
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    Bike Locks....

    I would get a refund for the granit one, great idea and stuff but when tested it wasn't upto scratch. I have 2 of these and a cable I sometimes loop around a wheel if I'm using just 1. Decathlon don't give a full model...
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    Abuse when wearing helmet cam

    Like these? Also I decided to take the plunge and get a camera today(2 actually) noticed a cheap ebay listing for some MD80 cameras, went for 2 as I'm not sure the battery life will be enough with 1. Going to try for it mounted on my bag strap, if I can get...
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    Shanghai Bike Show

    Bring back samples+freebies+swag, I'm not fussy what that consists of.
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    Abuse when wearing helmet cam

    Good to see you are still riding. I had a nice ride recently on my single speed, about 30-40 of us and weirdly we had nobody laugh at us or anything, also hardly anyone seemed to be driving between midnight and 3am. And a little race some of us had. Images are from others on the lfgss.
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    Be Careful Out there...

    If I remember correctly you get the lovely sensation of peeling your trousers away from your knee if it isn't covered with a bandage... yay
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    Be Careful Out there...

    Make the mistake of leaning into a corner a little too much and hit anything slippery/different while doing it.
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    Bike to work scheme sucks

    It started out as a good idea but then companies got stuck into it and have been chipping away at the savings for employees to make savings/profits for the companies ever since, most now are pretty much just an interest free loan imo. Some are even worse, a friend was offered a cycle scheme...
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    Very Bright Very Cheap Light runs from battery

    Check the bike magazines now and again, I remember when I went to the london bike show a couple of the magazines we walked away with had offers of a free pair of tyres if you spend £15 on a 6 month subscription.
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    My new top speed.

    I was on my single speed again tonight and going around wandsworth a bit I had to slow down with all the slow cars in the way lol
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    building a 3/16 freewheel from a screw on 7 speed

    Not exactly an ebike thing is for one of the other bikes. It started off a mountain bike and is slowly turning into an oversized bmx. Has anyone taken apart a shimano screw on thing? I have 2 that came off old bikes and plan to do the same as the guide but double up on sprockets so I can use a...
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    I had a series of punctures on my rear tyre but it turned out to be the tyre was worn down so offering barely any protection, new tyres now and no issues again. They had been 700x25c slicks before someone asks how that situation sneaks up on you. I have a whole bunch of different patches in my...