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    Ezee Quando..excellant condition..make me an offer

    Very sorry for slow reply but internet has been totally for price,i remember talking on here to a prolific poster a year back about prices for second hand bikes and i agreed with him that take the price of a similar current bike and take off 25% for depreciation depending on...
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    Ezee Quando..excellant condition..make me an offer

    Hello Riders,three years ago this January i bought brand new from 50 cycles a folding Ezee Quando,it was then the most powerful folding electric bike you could buy, i rode it for 6 months ,used the folding factor for on and off trains,in and out of car boots but i lived in Hull and my journey...
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    I'm impressed! (Old Timer take note ;) )

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- i agree with you(apart from giving money) i sat and was just stunned,the music went well with it too...wonder how many falls he had though as some of it looked a tad risky and not the sort of moves you would get...
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    Worlds smallest e-bike

    not sure where to hang my panniers with my weekly shopping in :rolleyes:
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    Your ideal electric garage ?

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------- IF MONEY WAS NO OBJECT... i would have an e-tandem and a buxom jeeves'ess on the front doing ALL of the pedelling while i just admired the scenery ;)
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    choose your bike seat colour wisely

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------- no eddie that really is the bike seat you see,could be mistaken though :D
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    choose your bike seat colour wisely

    Pictures by keithhazel1961 - Photobucket always best i think to pick the right colour seat :eek: make sure you double click picture to make it bigger so you can see seat..
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    Battery built into the reat wheel

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------- my first folder was one i bought i think from bob of "alien" in scotland and it had a 36 volt battery also built into the back wheel...
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    Wisper Alpino photos (warning: large page download)

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------- :o sorry i must have had double vision..:rolleyes:
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    Panasonic 300W 15Ah suspension moutain bike (photos)

    expensive and not even a complete mudguards...:mad:
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    An e-bike with a 'proper' step-through frame

    what happens when you go over a 6 inch bump or one of them sleeping policemen bumps...arnt you going to snag your undercarriage ?:confused: :eek:
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    Wisper Alpino photos (warning: large page download)

    love the folder, LOVE the 36 volt battery as mentioned,16 gears and 36 volts, cant get no better then that:)
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    Ezee LIV "Limited Edition"

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------- the first question you will be asked is if you can post a picture so they can check it out...will save some time for you if you get it quick, even if you use the one off e-bay...
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    A Cyclamatic conundrum?

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------- obsession,delusion,insanity...i remember it well when i was a lad,the 3 degree's.. i was "obsessed" with her big boobs..:o .. deluded i was going to get near them, and "insanely" was my girlfriend when i stared at the...
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    A Cyclamatic conundrum?

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------- i arnt doing foreign glasses at night school.:rolleyes:
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    A Cyclamatic conundrum?

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------- after months of not understanding about e-bikes... many questions on here and bundles of messages to Flecc are testiment to my e-bike ignorance, and then when im getting a grasp of two wheels ,a battery and a...
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    Someone make this snow go away!!

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------- when i leave my brompton out i like to cover it up,i value my bike...:rolleyes:
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    A Cyclamatic conundrum?

    help please onmebike -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear onmebike, after reading what the old timer says about you being a computer geek and being able to sort out any problems please can you help me as my computer seems to have changed...