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  1. John Galvin

    Carbo folding ebikes

    Hi Looking for a cousin who wants a folding electric bike. I've built one before around five years ago and I'd love to build one again but she lives on the other side of the country so there's no way I could offer support. (Insert obligatory picture here!) I had a look around at electric...
  2. John Galvin

    Custom length 9 core motor cable

    Hi I'm wondering if there's anywhere I can have a motor cable made up to a specific length, say around 20cm. I'd need female on one end, male on the other to connect the controller to the hub motor. When I built my ebike four years ago, I cut the supplied cable and soldered it together. It's...
  3. John Galvin

    Increasing my top speed

    Greed is a terrible thing and only a few days after my initial build I'm craving more speed. I had the bike out on a 10k run the other night and I found that even on a decent downhill stretch, it wouldn't go over around 28 km/h without huge effort. With a 20" wheel and a 286 rpm motor, it runs...
  4. John Galvin

    Fitting a PAS

    I'm feeling a bit guilty asking all these questions and thank you all for your help so far. I promise I'll document the build once its finished in case it would be of help to anyone else. I've everything fitted on the handlebar now, which was no mean feat given the space constraints. It's...
  5. John Galvin

    How important are brake lever kill switches?

    Hi Just starting to put my kit on the bike and discovered that the brake lever is fouling the twist gear selector. The little drum at the end of the cable also seems to be a little small for these new levers and I'm wondering if there are two sizes? I'm toying with the idea of seeing will the...
  6. John Galvin

    How is the 25 km/h limit imposed by controller?

    Hi I got the replacement charger from my supplier earlier this week and I've now bench tested my setup - everything working as it should, thankfully. I took advantage of the long weekend in Ireland to shorten the motor cable and that's done and tested with only the final insulation to add. So...
  7. John Galvin

    Shorter motor extension lead

    Hi I'm wondering is it possible to buy a shorter extension lead for my hub motor? The one I got with the kit is about 1m in length. Given my small wheel and where I'm mounting the controller something around 30cm would be ideal. I've attached a picture of the lead - it's a round yoke with 9...
  8. John Galvin

    Powered axle too tight a fit

    Hi I've just tried to put my new hub powered front wheel into the axle slot on my Tern Link P9 and discovered that it won't fit. It goes in a few mm but then the lugs seem to narrow and it won't go any farther. I seem to remember this is a common problem (with American bikes??). What's the best...
  9. John Galvin

    Spreading a front fork

    My ebike kit is on the way and I'm going to be fitting a front hub motor to a Tern Link P9, which has already been fitted with a steel front fork. I'll be using a threaded bar and two bolts to spread the fork by around 10mm to make the motor fit. Do I need to worry about the two legs of the...
  10. John Galvin

    Frog battery on front of Tern folder

    Hi I'm at the point of considering what battery to use on my Tern Link P9 folder. I had thoughts of mounting it on top of the frame, which wouldn't interfere with the fold and I also have the option of a bottle battery, using the lugs already there. I'm toying now with using a Frog battery...
  11. John Galvin

    Tern Link front forks

    Hi I've just taken delivery of my new Tern Link P9 with the intention of fitting a front electric hub. I ordered a steel front fork at the same time. This is for the D8 specifically but I hope it fits. I'll be bringing it to my bike mechanic later today. It looks like the fork will have to be...
  12. John Galvin

    Newbie question about ebike derailleurs

    Hi Probably a stupid question. If I buy a 20" rear wheel prebuilt with a motor, is it guaranteed that my original 9 speed derailleur cassette will fit? I'm talking specifically about a Tern Link P9. Is there any spec I need to look out for? TIA
  13. John Galvin

    Torque sensing build for Tern folder

    Hi I want to build an ebike using a Tern Link P9 2014. This has a 20" 9 speed derailleur setup. I want to keep the weight as light as possible, so a mid-drive kit isn't the way to go. Besides, I won't be tackling huge hills. Because the forks are aluminium, I want to mount the motor in the...