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  1. D8ve

    40 mile round trip commute - 20mph - help please :)

    A MOSFET is like a carburettor, it allows power to energy into the engine. More is better if you need high power. 6 is about the minimum and 12 is common but not nessiasry for a 350 watt bike.
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    Thanks and see you later

    34 miles 1'55" and 1300' climbing. Come to the fast side my friends.
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    Thanks and see you later

  4. D8ve

    Thanks and see you later

    It's the brexit troll who has never biked. I could put up with everyone else.
  5. D8ve

    Thanks and see you later

    thanks to D8veh,Flecc and others for advice education and support. I have two velomobile snow and get 18 mph averages without electric assist. So I will not need to frequent these pages. It's been interesting and enjoyable, only one person on my ignore list. Trex is missed too for his...
  6. D8ve

    Very disappointing start....

    She had it coming
  7. D8ve

    Which party manifesto is good for cyclists?

    The Tory policy is to force scum onto bike as could never afford a proper 4*4
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    Oxygen S Cross St.

    Test ride every bike with the power off. It shows two things, what it would be like with falt battery, as above And just how good a bike it is, if it's a dog then the battery has to fight that before it gets to help you, so short range etc.
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    Oxygen S Cross St.

    21 gears is a flash advert spec for cheap gears. Ebikes can make do with 7 gears and if you only need 15 mph then 3 speed is plenty.
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    Disk brakes are a no brainer nowadays. Great stopping power in the wet and hydraulics don't need adjustment for thousands of miles.
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    Motor wattage

    The wattage is controller dependant. The basic idea is voltage it runs at times max rated current equals max power. The second is manufacturers also have a rated power. For a 250watt motor or legal classification they often run at max of 6-800 watts. Motors rated at 500 watts tend to be...
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    Bosch Crank Drive - Unimpressed

    Don't bother I have suggested jobs but he's making too much as he is.
  13. D8ve

    Which bike will completely replace my car

    No bikey mcbikeface was trashed by a van. I was invisible in a 3 meter banana. This is the replacement I have bought. Pending insurance etc.
  14. D8ve

    Which bike will completely replace my car

    To avoid Lycra and stay dry, one of these with assist and you will do more than 20 on the flat too.
  15. D8ve

    Let's talk torque

    Change the gearing, a small crank ring and big ring at the back
  16. D8ve

    Brexit, for once some facts.

    Membership has a cost, yes but it also has benefits. No European war in seventy years would be nice. Being part of a club that stopped us being bullied is nice. Having free travel throughout Europe with all the local benefits was nice. Having a damper on local political idiots was nice. Human...
  17. D8ve

    Battery charging questions

    A complete charging cycle is full- flat - full charge. The way it works is two half discharges and recharges = one cycle. Splitting the cycle makes no difference. Warning going absolutely flat can do other things and kill the battery as will over charging. More than 100%
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    Greenway Cross City

  19. D8ve

    Brexit, for once some facts.

    I Is that 2+ in Roman numerals?
  20. D8ve

    2008 Kalkhoff Pro Connect

    I ts the motor that changed the Panasonic is economic and rarely has any failures. The modern ones are high performance run the batteries down quickly and have has some issues. Ergo if you want assistance and good range the older ones are better. The modern gears and suspension components are...