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    Ezee Sprint Dual Battery Bargain

    Sold sold sold SOLD SOLD SOLD Thanks for looking Bob_about
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    Goodbye & Thanks

    This morning I sold my Ezee Sprint GTS HR to a very nice gentleman from Milton Keynes. (Bankie, I hope you enjoy it, the power, the range and the quality - good luck with it and thanks for a straightforward sale) I have enjoyed my brief (18 month) experience with power assisted cycles...
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    Just thinking of starting a new thread - is flirting taking over this forum? Lol Out loud OMG ROFL
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    Mind Control Bike

    Guess I must have missed that the mind control bike came complete with red body paint........ not all that again? Have you two met up and recharged together yet? It seemed imminent on the defunct motor thread????
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    Mind Control Bike

    If my bike started responding to what`s going on in my mind who knows what could happen.......
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    gonna have a new one

    Hello Lessped After much research and test runs in 2009/10 I choose a Sprint GTS XR (dual battery) and bought one last year in February. Almost 3500 miles later and I remain of the opinion it is a well specc`d, strong, durable and high quality machine capable of many more miles. See Photos...
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    Cycle to work scheme-puts 10% on the price

    I believe HMRC are quite happy to pursue the deceased`s estate to recover what they believe is owed!!
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    Cycle to work scheme-puts 10% on the price

    CWAH, this is exactly where I found myself faqs as quoted by amigafan2003 make it clear the offer to transfer ownership is at their discretion and having had them change their arrangements partway through my 12 month agreement with them I had no confidence they would be...
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    Cycle to work scheme-puts 10% on the price

    Hi Well put summary cwah, and reflects pretty much the situation I found myself in. Add to the above that the retailer needed to pass on the 10% fee made by to myself and that £50 "saving" in reality became a £50 cost. The bike I purchased through the scheme was...
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    Unassisted Riding

    Ditto the above The Sprint is currently with OnBike for some TLC, but with the weather good and some unexpected days not needing to travel about once at the office I was looking to cycle commute. So, thought I`d give the un-powered Ridgeback a spin on the commute route - 18.5miles each...
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    Time for revision?

    Completely agree I think there is much here around how safe people feel in their insulated metal boxes which promotes risk taking. I have done it myself going faster round a bend I know from years of travelling the same route - on one occassion the front of my car ended up under the back...
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    Ezee Sprint Dual Battery Bargain

    Hi Bode Hope you had a good holiday The controller can be switched to either pedelec or throttle or the whole thing kept turned off The way I have it wired the dial assist is then used in either mode to dial in the amount of power you want In pedelec that cuts in and out depending on...
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    Ezee Sprint Dual Battery Bargain

    Update - sale temporarily suspended Since posting last Sunday I have thoroughly tested the bike out by riding it just under 120 miles to and from work this week. There are a couple of issues I`d like to be looked at before I sell on to anyone from this Forum, so the bike is currently with...
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    Ezee Sprint Dual Battery Bargain

    Reason for sale: I`m afraid I`m just not using it as I had intended - ie as commute mode of transport of choice. Change of job in November last year means I am less based at HQ and need to be mobile during the day, so I bought a Honda PCX to nip about on for work. I then found that even the...
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    Ezee Sprint Dual Battery Bargain

    With some regret I have decided to offer my Ezee Sprint GTS for sale Bought Feb 2010 new from OnBike for £1900 - remainder of 2 year warranty on bike & LiFePO4 battery will transfer For sale at £900 - PHOTOs HERE Hi Spec, high performance, long range & powerful bike - the bike and the...
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    Definitely an E-bike on throttle only!!

    Not that I`m a big fan of the cycle to work scheme following the tightening of guidance half way through my experience, but this made me laugh.... YouTube - ‪Kanal von ETAservices‬‏ At 24 - 30 seconds - deffo an e-bike on throttle!!! Bob_about
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    New Storck RADDAR Uk website live

    I must be missing something - why are we laughing at this?? I quite like the battery position, low and central I can see the prices pretty readily There is a version with everything you need on a commuter bike (mudguards, rack etc) Admittedly its a more aggressive riding position than most...
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    Snow and Ice

    For what its worth.... I approached last winter fairly committed to tough it out come what may. My route is predominantly rural, with approx 30% of that gritted / snow ploughed. No problems keeping warm - wrap up and pedal hard No problems riding carefully on dustings of snow, or...
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    Thoughts on luggage

    I was looking at this when I first started and initially thought I wanted something strong, waterproof and lockable so bought one of these Bicycle Panniers / Bike Bags They meet that criteria, but are a bit of a pain going through constrictions on footpaths, cyclebridges etc as they stick out...
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    How much weight do you lose on a e-bike ride?

    Cadence Dare I mention Cadence?? From my (albeit incomplete) understanding the speed at which you spin your legs around has quite a bit to do with much of this. Something about fast twitch and slow twitch muscles and which burn fat / which burn carbohydrate and loads of other sports science...