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  1. D8ve

    Thanks and see you later

    thanks to D8veh,Flecc and others for advice education and support. I have two velomobile snow and get 18 mph averages without electric assist. So I will not need to frequent these pages. It's been interesting and enjoyable, only one person on my ignore list. Trex is missed too for his...
  2. D8ve

    Soundwave better than life(as a cleaner)

    Brittlec electrical contracting are looking for a apprentice and electricians mate to join our expanding local team, based in Winterbourne. Both positions are full time. Applying candidates will need to show initiative, punctuality and enthusiasm to learn. Work is based across the south...
  3. D8ve

    Am I autistic is SW sociopathic?

    Without medical qualifications the question is, is the above true. Or am I just out of time, is SW the man of the moment? Do you think anyone else for has an obvious diagnosis? Note this is Not serious, have a spliff and chill man.
  4. D8ve

    Happy New year

    A happy New year to everyone. Hugs too D8ve
  5. D8ve

    A new hub to beat Rohloff?

    This Norwegian company is launching a 14spd gear hub that is lighter than the rohloff. With a wider range and swapping between bikes? Could I be having a new dream bike build?
  6. D8ve

    BBS01 error code 30 what now?

    well having got to 1060 miles on my bbs01 I was about to do a glowing review when.... Turning on gives me error code 30, this is a communication error. Well all plugs were fine, no crashes prior to message, cables In place, not over crimped. So that leaves failure in controller or display. Circa...
  7. D8ve

    Water sports

    All things boats and sailing If it floats I will sail it.
  8. D8ve

    BBS01 recumbent and thousandth post

    This is my 1000 th post here,so better make it a good un. My recumbent is fast however I am slowing down. Athsma and 4*4s see to that so how do I keep going I have has a few bikes and appreciate the assistance for the hills that slow an old fat man. Which kit to fit hub or crank drive? Well...
  9. D8ve

    BBS01 niggles

    the battery meter is not set for Lipo. So first bar out at 50% and the rest tumble fast. It's much less smooth than the Panasonic with delayed take off and on off power delivery. Unsure about max power but feels less than Panasonic in Pedelec mode. Haven't tried the throttle. The speed sensor...
  10. D8ve

    Wanted in Bristol area trike ride

    I know a girl who is disabled in the Bristol area. I think a electric trike would seriously improve her mobility. Currently 80 mins bus trip to work two miles away. Is there any one who can help her have a test ride on a assisted trike? I can take her in my car to any place within an hour or so...
  11. D8ve

    Request for advice anonimized

    I received this as a personal message. Could I ask you some advice please. I sold an electric bike on facebook at Christmas second hand, I had replaced the control panel and crank twice after fitting it the wrong way round (mistakes happen). I'm disabled with sensory neuropathy so often make...
  12. D8ve

    8FUN BBS01 speed sensor cable to short

    fitted the 8Fun kit today. But the speed sensor cable is to short. You can see the unusual mounting point for the mid drive,in front of the front wheel. The sensor will never reach the back and is still short of the front wheel?
  13. D8ve

    Neo cross on eBay

    sold without charger or control panel looks suspect no keys in pic either?
  14. D8ve

    Kalhoff pro 36volt alfine for sale

    Upgraded to 36volt 12 amp drive kallhoff pro connect with alfine 8 Spd hub North Bristol area Offers around £600 please. Battery has all LEDs lit on test.
  15. D8ve

    Whisper hawk in gourock

    Just been into Phillips cycles in gourock. He has a hawk with 10 amp 36volt battery new but scuff on paint, hence good discount on price at LBS, with support. Phone 01475648223
  16. D8ve

    Legal bike how to chose between them?

    As legal bikes have virtually identical performance. 250 watt! How do we differentiate between bikes. Is it cost (whoosh), components (Shimano ), brand name kalkoff, KTM, style moustache? Premium price ? Oxygen as they one by inches in the Race? Support ? Established brand? Reviews? Local...
  17. D8ve

    BH Emotion 2009 Sport Delux for Sale

    Sport Delux Panasonic crank drive 7Speed 4year old over 2000 miles on clock. Still got 8 out of 10 amps left in battery. Choice of pedals and original cassette or sport gearing for off road use. Offers around £500. Really fast comfortable bike with carbon forks only 17 kg. new batteries still...
  18. D8ve

    BH Panasonic clicky drive

    Hi i bought a ebay BH Sport and on cycling with assist there is a clicking noise i think the chain ring and drive sprocket are slightly misailined? can you reverse or move the rings to realine or is there some other issue i am missing? thanks D8ve
  19. D8ve

    BH Race delux 2009 model

    Reviewer:D8ve Purchased From:origional buyer who got from oncycle. Purchase Price:sub 500 Time Owned:two weeks, 150 miles Local Terrain: / Moderate Hills / Very Hilly ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Strengths: a proper road bike with a...
  20. D8ve

    BH Race delux 2009 model

    Reviewer:D8ve Purchased From:origional buyer who got from oncycle. Purchase Price:sub 500 Time Owned:two weeks, 150 miles Local Terrain: / Moderate Hills / Very Hilly ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Strengths: a proper road bike with a...