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    Boundaries beginning to blur ...

    Heres a new bike that adds to the blurring between very small motorbikes and mountain bikes, albeit that this one doesnt have any pedals. With the emergence of more and more of these, maybe we will one day soon be looking at a completely new class of small electric vehicles on our roads...
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    Concepts bike and new motor ...

    Hi Guys Just saw these 2 posts and thought I'd pass along. Concept electric bike at the motorshow Lexus HB Concept 2WD pedal-assist, carbon-fiber racing bike ..and new motor design from Gruber Gruber Antrieb - Gruber Assist - Fahrradantriebe » Englisch Maybe these are a sign of...
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    Giant Lafree Twist GTS (2006 model)

    Giant Lafree Twist Comfort GTS 2006 model (their very last model with the panasonic crank drive) With Schwalbe Marathon+ puncture resistant tyres, front hub dynamo, Busch and Muller front and rear lights, built in frame lock and SL120 Reelights front and rear, mudguards, rack pump with gauge...
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    Panasonic's new battery

    Hi Guys Just thought I'd share this 'innovation' with you. New high energy, high reliability lithium-ion battery module from Panasonic Would that mean only 1 charge a week on a Kalkhoff? :) John
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    Make your own cycle lanes ..

    Hi Guys Interesting follow on to posts from a couple of months back. This link tells of prototype laser lighting for your 'own bike lane' through lasers beamed out around the bike. This link is on the soft loose chalk dispenser you can put on back wheels which means that over time, you...
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    Roller Brake Grease

    Hi Anyone know where you can get this from, it seems to be in very short supply! Thanks John
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    Lazer buffer zone???

    Hi guys, An interesting article here from Roadcc on some guys idea of using lazers to provide a buffer zone and act as proximity sensors setting off an alarm if anything gets to close. The reporter asks if anyone has thought of using bog-standard parking sensors to do this on a bike, maybe...
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    Sodium Batteries?

    Hi Guys Ive just heard that a new plant is being built in the US for mass production of Sodium batteries specifically for 'locomotive' use. I have no idea if this will filter down to ebikes, but was wondering if anyone new enough about this technology to speculate on its application / cost /...
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    Raising the Handlebars

    Hi Guys Noob question I know. As a teenager and a young man, there didnt seem to be anything I couldnt do with a bike. I remember as a 12 yr old a friend and I used to respray the frames at a local garage we hung about near, stripping everything down, cranks brackets all cables, everything...
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    Death by Careless Driving case.

    Hi Guys I saw thought and I thought it was disgusting. Whats your opinions? John Death By Carelessness...
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    Just back from Presteigne...

    Hi Guys Just thought I mention what a good show Presteigne was. Lots of new makes, and new enterprises too. Most pleasing to me was seeing Tony Castles, back in business with avengence, and working for a team that can add the Nano onto more or less anything. Also new to me there were...
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    Tyre Repairs?

    Hi Guys Just wondering if its possible to repair the numerous gashes and gouges in my tyres. They arent even 12 months old and mainly through glass shards from smahed bus stop glass look scared and serrated in places. Any tips for some form of DIY repair? Thanks John
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    Pro C Nexus Hub clinking and clanking

    Hi Guys, Anyone had any wierd noises coming from the Nexus hub on the Kalkhoff? I got a puncture last week, and since then, although the gears are changing sweetly, theres a lot of clinking and clanging coming from the hub. Anyone else have a clue what this could be? Thanks John
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    Tips for puncture repair?

    This morning I had my first puncture with my Marathons (not M+) on the Pro C. The weather was lovely, (25mph headwind and raining) so I donned my overtrousers, and my overshoes, jacket, gloves, neck buff/face mask, helmet with rain cover, flicked the Pro C into High mode and felt ready for...
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    Shame about LDV

    Just heard about LDV struggling to get credit. It seems such a shame from what I read about their aim to launch and Electric Van this year. I dont know if this was a publicity stunt, but it may have sold quite well in our capital.... LDV Electric Van What do others think? John
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    New Dft Guidelines for councils - thoughts anyone?

    Hi Guys Just seen this and thought I'd throw it open for comment. This document is being circulated by the Dft amongst councils, so it will likely effect all planning for the next 10 years (if we are lucky). Do people have any views on its content? John...
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    Interesting info on the effect of bike weight

    Hi Guys For those interested in the effects of a bikes weight, or the differences between Aluminium and steel alloys, I have found an interesting link to an article here which is quite educational. John
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    New Birdy Electric launched

    For those of you looking for efolders, Birdy have launched a Bionx version of their folder that looks pretty good. See here Anyone have any thoughts on how this might ride? John
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    New Dual Fuel Prius Launched

    For those of you that are interested, a dual fuel Prius has been launched today, not much details yet, but I'm sure more to come. Link John
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    New lights from USE

    For those of us that have to ride in the dark in winter traffic, USE have just released some new lights which look very impressive indeed. The front light is here and it has 4 LEDS combining to give off a massive 960 lumens, and the inbuilt LiPo battery can maintain that for 3 hours. The rear...