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    Ezee Quando..excellant condition..make me an offer

    Hello Riders,three years ago this January i bought brand new from 50 cycles a folding Ezee Quando,it was then the most powerful folding electric bike you could buy, i rode it for 6 months ,used the folding factor for on and off trains,in and out of car boots but i lived in Hull and my journey...
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    choose your bike seat colour wisely

    Pictures by keithhazel1961 - Photobucket always best i think to pick the right colour seat :eek: make sure you double click picture to make it bigger so you can see seat..
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    e-bike too expensive..solution found

    slightly off topic, well any topic that is other then to say even for someone like me who has not had an electric bike now for several months and probably will not get another i still like to constantly log in to this forum as a very friendly site and i still like a lot to look at new bikes and...
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    would you like a Winku

    i know there is a big divide about also about having indicators on bikes and im not being paid to promote a certain bike seller but i do like the mirror/indicators that 50 cycles are now selling,not sure if exclusive to them or not, would not rely on indicators or mirrors as sole indicator/sight...
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    windy or is there a tornado about

    this looks kinda funky electric Eco-bike (TORNADO SPORT) on eBay, also, Bikes, Cycling, Sporting Goods (end time 04-Feb-09 11:39:11 GMT) it says "2.. 36 volt battery' that at the same time ?
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    first time i seen a tandem..ok its been made but i bet its a good ride out.. 320333636613 e-bay of course cant get a link to work..sure someone will
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    speed beast

    has anyone been tempted by one of these speed beasts....not a bad looking bike either.. Electric Bike Xipi quantum 800 watt ready to ride on eBay, also, Bikes, Cycling, Sporting Goods (end time 02-Feb-09 13:33:57 GMT)
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    electric car..anyone got one of these

    saw this in london while on holiday last year,ideal for parking..wonder how far on a single charge ect..anyone know anything..
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    pro connect advice...

    i have been pushed forward somewhat unexpectedly today as was supposedly showing my Quando to g/f's friend who then decided it was exactly what she needed to solve her family she asked what i wanted for it...i explained about depreciation and the possibility of having to replace the...
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    where can i get bike insurance

    never gave it too much thought as millions of bike riders and i dont imagine 0.000000009 % have insurance if they cause an accident which is very easy on a blowing you off or over onto a vehicle..just one of many freak possibilies....or even blowout at high speed :rolleyes: ok not...
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    wanted very cheap good condition brompton

    might not be possible but i want a good condition very cheap brompton folder....NOT PINK ;)
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    what electric bikes have you ridden at all

    powerbyke 5 speed synergy edison folder lapland 36 volt folder (x2) Quando powerbyke 21 speed manky none branded folder
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    am i doing something wrong as cant find anything on that site ?
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    new powabyke range ?

    was there any indication what the new powabykes would look like, or any info at all on them seen here ???????????? Tour de Presteigne 2008
  15. K soon will be

    how hard it is for people with no knowledge of e-bikes to know if they are being sold down the river by many contradictions can you spot.. 230251694719 (e-bay of course..) when you look at their feedback its 99.2% and you might think.."oh thats pretty good"...except the...
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    free postage for e-bike on e-bay..bargain

    free postage for this bike on thats not something you see every day.. 320249264095 mind you neither is the price tag.:eek:
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    nice starter bike on e-bay

    this might be nice starter entry bike if the bidding doesnt go high, two chargers, only 9 months old and accessories.. 110250173677
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    Kalkhoff Pro Connect F8 | Folding Bikes

    saw this on wiggle,with the tiny amount it weighs how perfect for popping under your arm and hopping on the bus...can see me asking questions about "nano's" (and how easy to stick one on)i think they are called soon... :cool:
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    naked without my mirror

    today i broke my cateye mirroe, once too often hit the wall in kitchen when putting bike against the wall and also clipped it the odd other time on snickets had to go out today without it...OMG :eek: ...i felt so vunerable like crossing the road without looking...will not be going out...