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    2008 Kalkhoff Pro Connect for sale.

    Im selling my Kalkhoff 2008 Pro Connect bought from 50 cycles. Here’s the modifications ive added after purchase. Marathon plus tyres. Agattu spung seat post, plus a 2nd spare. New drive cog to make it go a little faster. I cannot remember how many cogs, though i still have the original...
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    Giant Lafree used advice

    I have the opportunity of buying a Lafree for £200. Its in mint condition and bought from new from an eldery lady and hardy used. She states its 6 years old. Its a 4 speed nexus hub and its with a panasonic charger and shes states that battery still gives 20 miles. Ive already checked a...
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    Pro Connect FULL REVIEW unedited.

    Hi there, Just to let you know I've placed FULL a review of the Pro Connect on my Blog Site. I've not submitted this review in the usual forum site because I feel it would be considerbly edited/censored via this forum. As I have always said from many moons ago, I feel this site has major...
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    6 months of petrol research is finished.

    Hi all, I've just crunched the numbers on 6 months of petrol receipts. I listed all my petrol use 6 months before I got my Kalkhoff Pro Connect (Dec 2007 to June 2008). Then all my petrol use since I started commuting to work on my bike (June 2008 to Dec 2008). The petrol use also includes...
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    Pro Connect Rear Wheel.

    Just to let anyone know and for reference. Just got back from 50cycles after having my rear wheel replaced. Last week a spoke sheered off at the hub and the whole rear wheel then buckled. Took it in today and Lloyd did a fine job of replacing it for a 32 spoke wheel with an alfine hub. I...
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    The cold got to my Pro Connect.

    For the first time tonight, the cold got to my Pro Connect. It was the coldest night ever so far on the way to work tonight. It must have been -2 or -3. I found that the battery or the motor was struggling a little to the norm. Hills that I go up in 4th needed 3rd gear. The battery was...
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    Straight handlebars Pro Connect.

    Has anyone changed out the fiited handlebars for straight handlebars on the Pro Connect? I wondered what it may look like. Does it suit? Pictures would be great.
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    Pro Connect brakes

    I need to replace my rear brake blocks on my pro connect. I can see they are Shimano Deore XT M770 V-Brakes. What do I ask for in the bike shop? Hope anyone can help. Regards Bob.
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    Pro Connect Bolt warning.

    Another problem, though small with my Pro Connect today. Heard a loud clicking sound coming from the bike around the motor for the last few days. I had time to look at it today and found the retaining bolt to the chain tensioner was hanging off. It had worked itself nearly off. Thank God the...
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    Center Parc's with an ebike.

    I've booked Center Parc's and wondered if anyone has taken their ebike with them. Heard a few bad stories about bike being stolen and poor bike security. Any advise and info on the resorts facilities for bikes in general also would be helpful. Thanks Bob.
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    another mag than A to B

    Has anyone been getting this mag? Is it any good? Velo Vision
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    Part replacemant for Pro-Connect ASAP.

    Just to warn all Pro-Connect owners that i feel you should replace a part on the bike ASAP before it lets you down when you least need it. On monday i finished my commute to work and readjusted my seat alittle. When tightening the seat clamp, the bolt on the seat clamp sheared off through...
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    New alarmed D-lock

    Check out the new alarmed D-Lock from SG Locks. Probably the ideal lock for our ebike's. Cycling Plus mag to do a full test in the next issue. SG Locks - Tough Stuff Alarmed D-Lock - No.1 in Alarmed Lock Security
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    Just found this video of a cycling vest which shows your current speed on the back. Watch the numbers fly on a de-ristricted Torq. Speedo + Vest = Speedvest! PS also the site it's on is great. Regards Bob.
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    Bicycle deliveries make comeback

    Just though Id post this BBC article. BBC NEWS | England | Cambridgeshire | Bicycle deliveries make comeback Please note the woman is on an Ebike. Anyone know which it is?
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    Balance and help

    I have continued to observe in the forum, the poor and cold responses regarding the non-electrical questions. If you place questions regarding a good set of panniers for your Torq, or a nice pair of cycling shorts, you get very, very little in response. Ask about motors and batteries and you...
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    Pro-Connect 2nd range test.

    Hi all. Please note my first range test posted weeks ago........... Im back with the medium setting range test, though it has produced some strange outcomes as you will see. Conditions. 49cm...
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    Sprung seatpost.

    Got a bit more money now and im thinking of upgrading the Pro-Connect in the best place I know. Changing to a sprung seatpost. Questions. What sort of seatpost can i get to fit on the Pro-Connect saddle? If so any recommendations for a decent, though not too cheap seatpost. it must add...
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    Product review.....Waterproof socks

    Hi all, Just though i'd add a product review for ebike commuters. Sealskinz Waterproof socks. After 10 weeks of wet socks on my commute I bought some waterproof socks. Got them from Go Outdoors at a good price. Sealskinz Ultra Light Waterproof Socks - £18.00 - from GO
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    Fuel returns

    Just though I'd post my fuel comparisons for the last 8 weeks since owning my Pro-Connect. This will hopefully inform any potential owners who are thinking of getting an ebike to save on buying fuel and helpful information to others. BACKGROUND. I used to use my car for all journeys both...