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    E-bike article in today's Guardian

    Nice little pro e-bike article in today's Guardian. Full honours go to Wisper in this article. In defence of the electric bicycle | Environment | The Guardian - The Guardian is supposed to be the newspaper for the more liberal-minded reader. So have a laugh at some of the more ignorant...
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    January 1st - And a first for me!

    Managed it at last - A January 1st bike ride! - It's only taken me all my life to accomplish. Usually I'm either too hung over/too sluggish etc., (3:30am when I went to bed), but knocked off two 'errands' today - no more than 10 miles in total mind you - not on my e-bike but on my Dahon...
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    Preconceptions; the 'right' pedals - and a tale of woe.

    When I first took up cycling, the conventional wisdom in the cycling press was that to achieve 'ankling', (the height of efficient pedalling), then you fitted toeclips and straps to your pedals. Eventually I fitted a pair of 'Christophe' clips and toe straps to a pair of Campagnolo Super Record...
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    Seen these?

    Under the 'whatever next' banner, was surprised to stumble across these: brake lights for bicycles, not a new idea but never seen them incorporated into the brake blocks - bicycle brake blocks with fitted brake lights that only come on when the brake pad hits the rim, a tenner from either eBay...
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    The Big Bike Ride - How did I miss this on BBC2? Doh!

    How the heck did I miss this? Did any of you catch this? - THE BIG BIKE RIDE, BBC2 @ 7pm Wednesday just gone. It's about two women pensioners, (best friends and former nurses I think), from Scotland, who to celebrate their 70th birthday's, decide to cycle 4,000 miles, coast to coast, across...
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    The 6 spd MEGARANGE 13-34T freewheel famine may be over.

    Managed to obtain a brand new Shimano 13t-to-34T (11 to 34 not made in the 6 speed range), threaded 6 speed freewheel last week, (The Megarange Cadet version), nice price too - £9.95 They had just one, left in stock - Yipee! (Been trying everywhere on the Internet since summer), so as I was...
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    Powacycle price increases

    Just been on the Powacycle site and all the top models have risen by £100. The retailer on eBay is still selling at his old discounted price for the Salisbury LPX of £548 inc delivery, against the new delivered price from Powacycle of £724. Starting to lose that 'bargain budget price' tag.
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    Batteries - (more amperage)

    My particular bike, (Salisbury LPX), has a 24 volt motor yet comes with a battery that states in huge lettering that it is 26 volts, (10.5amps). - I remember on a thread started by forum member Sophie'sDad, that he measured the output of the Salisbury's battery as giving out 27 volts. First...
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    Do batteries have hissy fits on a semi-regular basis then?

    Had a terrific trip on the Salisbury today, arriving at my destination to attend to business, (successfully on this occasion, should have a bit more coming in), but the battery had a hissy fit, three-quarters of the way back home. The bike has been off the road all week while I made adjustments...
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    Bottom Bracket

    Once again I am a Persona non grata and locked out of the Technical section, so posting here instead - Russ I know you said last time it was my cookies, but it's not. I've refreshed them, cleaned them out, hung them out the bedroom window and beat them with a carpet brush to within an inch of...
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    Cadence and finding the 'sweet spot'

    Since first signing up to this forum I can remember reading Flecc's appraisal of the Kalkhoff's and his view that if the rider wishes to get the best support from the Panasonic motor, then just relax and pedal more slowly thus fooling the motor into judging that you need more assistance...
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    Got myself a Powacycle Salisbury LPX

    I've read and reread all the views, reviews etc., on here and for me, I know that I should really choose a Kalkhoff, so how come I became the owner of a Salisbury LPX last week? Well, just having lost an amount that would buy a Pro Connect (from my savings in the recent stockmarket shenanigans)...