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    [Jul 12, 2014] Dunwich Dynamo - any others riding? (London)

    I don't do many organised events but a friend has talked me into this one. It's cheap at £22 which helps and not as roadie as others. I'm going to be riding single speed with the lfgss forum mob attending.
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    building a 3/16 freewheel from a screw on 7 speed

    Not exactly an ebike thing is for one of the other bikes. It started off a mountain bike and is slowly turning into an oversized bmx. Has anyone taken apart a shimano screw on thing? I have 2 that came off old bikes and plan to do the same as the guide but double up on sprockets so I can use a...
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    got to see another ebike retailer at spin london

    This has to be one of the weirdest places to see an ebike retailer with a stand. The whole place was ram packed with vintage hipster junk. I got a free ticket from someone so it was ok. I didn't stop at the stall for long as I was feeling sick from all the quirky original...
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    RIP old bikey

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    621km in Jan

    I dunno how many of you know but I have been riding unassisted lots recently, did the strava prove it challenge of 600km and then some. The t-shirt seems mad expensive so dunno if I will get it.
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    parmesan cheese in bags? wtf?

    I dunno if anyone has noticed this but I went to the shops earlier looking for the usual carboard cylinder of "grated italian hard cheese" formerly known as parmesan and found on a shelf but now in the fridge. I would usually buy the massive tub and put it in the cupboard and it lasts for ages...
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    Wait what? How many miles?

    Was talking with a friend about my cycling and they asked "how comes you always seem to have bike stuff going wrong? you had that seatpost break a few weeks ago and then spokes last week and always something to do with brake pads or tyres". So I replied that I cycle lots and it's just what...
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    Weird Bus Lane Rules

    So having had a near miss recently while I was in a bus lane I decided to double check the bus lane rules, for myself the rules are simple and I'm allowed to cycle in the bus lanes whenever. For cars it's mostly timed and they can pull in if a police car wants to pass or something, the full...
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    Bike Forks?

    I know some of you buy stuff from crazy china drop shipping places and stuff. Any idea about some cheap forks? Have some suntour suspension ones but they have rusted to bits as they are the old type that don't come apart to service them.
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    Got a link for those wanting the super fast bikes...

    Dat chainring lol Also love how it isn't all carbon fibre and coated in money, makes it seem less out of reach of us regular folks. “100mph Bike” | Donhou Bicycles Did I say, dat chainring :cool:
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    Cree light battery/battery mod/questions

    Ok so after a topic about them the other week I ordered 2 lights and 3 batteries. 1x zoom 1800LM CREE XML T6 LED Rechargeable Bicycle Lamp Bike HeadLight Headlamp | eBay 1x regular 1800 Lm CREE XM-L XML T6 LED Bicycle bike Head Light Headlamp Rechargeable Head | eBay 1x spare battery...
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    Silly Cyclists

    Found this youtube channel earlier, many of them are in london so those of you outside london can see the chaos. Silly Cyclists - YouTube Episode 47 number 3 is one for Mikey :cool: Episode 21 number 2, safety in numbers lol
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    Did I pass you today?

    Passed an older guy on a black bike with mid drive and plenty of mud. Around 11:30am at streatham hill station lights going towards norbury. I was riding my white single speed racer.
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    cool sustrans video made by a dad

    Not on the pc so can't link everything well but will edit later. A short video explaining some cycling dos and donts with kids(might help adults too). Considering I can count his age on my hands his cycling is better than lots...
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    Winter Bike Care?

    Usually a little before the clocks go back I would be lots more picky about my riding days and so avoid wet/rain/cold/ect as it was just easy/normal to get the bus/train. This year I got into cycling just about everywhere and have been learning lots about cycling gear for the winter, last weeks...
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    I got shouted at today while cycling... 3 times wtf

    Sadly I don't have a helmet cam to get some of the funny stuff I see on the roads. Anyway it seems with the recent accidents and cycle safety being a big thing some people are going way way way over the top and feel the need to shout at cyclists, mostly people who have no idea what they are...
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    Anyone used a trailer?

    I'm thinking of a cycle+camping holiday next year and will likely have a motorist friend drop us off in the middle of nowhere(near a campsite if we are lucky) and then see how it goes. I like to plan far far in advance, more so if we have the chance to be stranded lol Has anyone had...
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    Coin Batterys?

    I know some here know huge amounts about batterys so I just figured it was a good place to ask about some for my new lights, apparently I'm good for 75hrs on the ones with it but I susupect thats total rubbish and they will die asap lol So any advice when buying cr2032 coin batterys? I was...
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    really handy maps for anyone in london and awesome cycle path found

    I found this amazing cycle path a few days ago, it goes around the big horrible elephant and castle mess and really is one of the best cycle paths I have noticed. Also each of the roads going across it has a cycle route going to/from a different part of the city. Found more by chance than...
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    branding by shop, should I get a refund?

    Ok so I got one of these delivered today. Had been faffing about with puncture repair kits in parts for ages and the other day when I needed my old kit to work the glue was bad or something. So I ordered one of these kits from lezyne and it arrived today. I flipped it over and expected as...