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    Anyone seen this bill? I'd love to see someone stop me and try and fine me for riding on the pavement (safely). They would deserve a good smack in the bracket.
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    Hub Gear problem - not electric bike specific

    Hi, Having problems with the Nexus inter-8 on my converted ebike. Does anyone have any experience on these hubs? The set-up is a vertical drop-out bike with the shimano fitting kit and none-turn washers for vertical dropouts. 1/8 nexus chain, 4Jeri chain tensioner, standard chainwheel...
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    Motor making sound like bumblebee stuck inside it :(

    Rode my bike home from work yesterday and noticed that it was making a rattley trapped bumble bee sound. Power seemed to be down and speed down by about 30%. I could also feel a rapid vibration through the handlebars. My motor does make a fair amount of noise normally especially when...
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    Totally OT - Biker jailed for doing 122mph

    Delete if you want. Its vaguely on topic since its about the perception and possible unfair treatment of 2 wheel transport (weak I know). A lot of people probably saw this: BBC NEWS | UK | 122mph motorcyclist father jailed To me it seems EXTREMELY harsh - 6 months in prison. The judge said...
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    Going from 700c to 26" need new forks though

    I've decided to migrate my electric gear from my 700c 'hybrid' bike onto a 26" mainly because there are just too many pot holes around here and recently slippy roads. A mountain bike just seems to eat it up a lot easier and the lower center of gravity seems to help with the slippyness. I bought...
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    What's the best way to limit top speed?

    I'm planning on going to a 48V battery soon and want to limit the top speed to remain legal but also have it switchable. I assume this invoves limiting voltage at some point? What components do I need and where should I wire them? E.g. do I put something in the wiring between the throttle...
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    Any lights available with metal bracket/body

    I've gone through about 4 different lights recently all due to the plastic bracket breaking or the light's plastic body cracking. Are there any available made out of something more durable, ideally metal? In the meantime I'm resorting to sticking my lights to the handlebars with duck tape.
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    very noisy motor with Shenzhen (e-crazyman) controller

    I finally got around to fitting this controller and when I first opened up the motor it made very loud horrible vibrating noises and barely moved. I looked at the motor sensor connection (5 wire block) and noticed that the green and the blue wire on the controller side were swapped over...
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    How easy/hard is it to fix a Lithium Ion battery?

    I've had two batteries, one plus a replacement for my Alien 36 Volt kit and they have both broken in the same way. One of them now only puts out 21 Volts (this is the fairly new replacement that I've had about a month) and the other older one now only outputs 12 Volts!! I think its connections...
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    Brushless & Gearless motor?

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying a motor on ebay (from china), it says 'Brushless & Gearless'. Whats the implication of a gearless motor? Does it mean that it won't cope with hills very well or be inefficient?
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    What are the connectors called on controllers etc?

    Hi, Does anyone know what the connectors (single wire not blocks) are called that are on motor controllers and other ebike related peripherals. They are male-female type connectors with a plastic sleeve around them? I have tried to find them in an electronics catalogue but can't find them.
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    Connection block/plug between controller and periphal components

    Hi, I'm thinking of putting as much of the electrical components of my bike into a trunk/rack bag on the rear carrier at the back of my bike. In the bag would be: Battery Controller Charger Excess wiring bundled up That way as soon as I get to work I can lift the bag off, stick it...
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    Worst Drivers

    Well before I drove I thought that the people who said this were sexist rascists pigs, but now I have to say. 1. Very old people 2. Women 3. Asians 4. Young men Of course this is by no means saying that all are bad as I'm sure that most women and asians are very good drivers. Not sure...
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    If you put 48V into a motor rather than 36V does rpm increase?

    I was thinking of getting a 48V controller and battery for my brushless 3 phase motor currently running at 36V (people use them up to 72V). I was just wondering what the likely effect would be on rpm - does it increase or is it torque only that increases? Both would be nice :)
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    Battery in a bag?

    I'm getting a bit fed up with my rear carrier which seems to shake, rattle and roll an awful lot now its got a battery on it as well as the screws which hold it onto the frame which constantly work themselves loose and fall out :( I was thinking of putting my battery in a bag attached to the...
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    Alien bike conversion with pictures and initial impressions

    The project: to convert my circa 2001 Marin Larkspur hybrid road bike to electric using the 'Alien' 36 volt 700c kit available on ebay. Actually its only available in 26" but the guy who makes them did this as a special for me. He does do 24 volt 700c kits though. Rationale: The Larkspur is...
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    Inner tube for a rim with a triangular cross-section

    Hi, I've got a wheel rim that rather than being 'flat' where the spokes connect to it has a triangular cross section. This means that when you push the inflation value through from the inside of the rim it has to reach a lot further. At first I put in a 700x38c with a Presta valve and the...
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    Cycling safety v cars v motorcycles

    Was just having this discussion with one of my cycling friends from work and was wondering what people's opinions on the subject here are. The official government figures I've read say that motorcyclists are 50 times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident or suffer serious injury than a...
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    Can someone confirm these maths? I'm thick.

    I have a bike with a wheel circumference of 2164mm, I want to buy a motor and want to work out how many rpm the motor must deliver to give a speed of 20 mph. The way I've worked it out is: 1609 meters in a mile / 2.163 wheel circumferance = 743.5 revolutions necessary to travel one...
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    New Alien bikes on ebay

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has any opinions on the new Alien bikes on ebay, particularly this one: Alien CRUISER Electric Sports Bicycle Bike e-bike on eBay, also, Bikes, Cycling, Sporting Goods (end time 12-Jun-08 23:32:41 BST) I've just started cycling to work on a normal road...