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  1. Elecman

    Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike with BBS02 and 5AH Lipo/ Charger etc

    Hi there. For sale my Yuba Mundo Cargo bike with Bafang BBS02 750W Crank Drive I also have 2x5AH Lipo setup with charger, alarms and battery medics which gives you approx 10 miles. Bike cost me £550 and the BBS02 was approx £400. The motor has only done about 350 miles and is in excellent...
  2. Elecman

    Looking for a BBS02 speed sensor extension cable

    As per the title. I have a cargo bike with a longer rear triangle which the standard bbs02 cable isn't long enough to reach. Does anyone know where I can get an extension. So far I have only been able to find one in the USA on ebay (charging £12 postage for a cable which seems a bit steep !)...
  3. Elecman

    Cyclotricity 36V 700c Full Kit with 10a/h Battery

    For sale is my Cyclotricity kit. Cheap way to get a good quality complete ebike kit fitted on your bike. I am only selling this kit as I have a cargo bike which I want to add a kit to and it needs a more powerful kit and also has 26" wheels. This kit has only done 350 miles (See odometer reading...
  4. Elecman

    Advice for BPM2 500w Motor Needed

    Hello, everyone, just after some advice for a motor I have just got. I have been running a cyclotricity 250Wkit for the past year which has been great, but I have now converted my bike back to human powered as I want to electrify my cargo bike. I have a BPM 500w rear motor (I think its a 201rpm)...
  5. Elecman

    Cargo Bike Kit Recommendations

    Hi everyone. After having owned my first ebike for over 6 months now, and using it more than my car all my shopping and local journeys, I have decided to build another bike with more load lugging capacity. I have got myself a used Yuba Mundo, and would like to add a beastly kit suitable to power...
  6. Elecman

    Anyone got a Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 29 ?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried one of these bikes, and if so what they think of it ? Comparisons to other bikes in similar price range...
  7. Elecman

    Any Opinions on this bike ?

    Read good things on this forum before about other 'Mosso' bikes sold on eBay. Looks like a Chinese bike being sold from Europe...
  8. Elecman

    Recommend 700c Suspension Fork for Front Motor

    Can anyone recommend some lowish cost suspension fork for 700c wheels which would be suitable for a front motor installation ? There is some great deals on ebay at the moment on Suntour forks as I am also looking at upgrading the front brake to disc.
  9. Elecman

    Anyone feeling flush ?

    Just browsing eBay (as you do !) and came across this bad boy...
  10. Elecman

    Looking at BPM kit from Ciclotek

    Still looking at the possibility of a kit as well as buying a ready built bike. My shortlist for bikes at the moment is looking like Woosh CDL/ Big Bear or one of the BPM Kudos bikes like the Tornado. However, I still like the idea of using my ideal bike (a 700c wheeled touring style bike) with...
  11. Elecman

    Ebikes shops in derbyshire area ?

    Hi, looking to go out and try some ebikes so I have an idea what sort of range there is and the differences between them to ride. I live in Derbyshire, can anyone recommend places near to me that I can go and try some bikes ? I am looking up to £1K but am flexible depending on what I find on a...
  12. Elecman

    BURISCH Synergy GT250 2014 - Opinions ? Alternatives ?

    Hi everyone, I have been 'stalking' this forum for a while, picking up information etc. I was originally looking at kits to upgrade my existing bike, but having recently sold my bike for a decent amount of cash, I have been looking at the possibility of buying a complete bike. I have seen this...