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    electric hybrid/mtb under £1000

    Hey guys I've finally talked my father into taking the plunge and purchasing an ebike his budget is no more than £1000 as the title says looking for recommendations for a decent machine for the money, not looking for a city or step through type bike it needs to be either a mtb or hybrid style...
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    Focus Jarifa premium xt 29r for sale.

    2014 model focus jarifa premium xt for sale , bike is in tip top condition all round a few minor scratches here and there but otherwise exellent, the bike is powered by kalkhoff,s xion rear hub motor which offers silent power assistance probably one of the quietest out there, the bike has had...
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    Wheel circumfrence effect on assist limit

    Hi Folks, Apparently its possible to fool an ebike motor into providing a higher cut off point by changing the wheel circumference size what would be the equation for this and do I have to change the untit measurement from mph to kph for this to work?, My bike has 29r wheels which is entered in...
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    xion neodrive communication error

    Hey folks my bike has developed some kind of communication error it's being shown on the screen as a triangle with a c inside, the bike has just had the brakes serviced so I'm thinking it must be a prob with a cable but all seems well and intact I'm scratching my head and no amount of rebooting...
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    advice on 29r studded mtb tyres

    Hi Folks, I've been hunting around the web for a set of studded winter tyres for my focus jarifa 29r and can only really find the schwalbe ice spikers which come in at approximatly £80 each! Good tyres i'm sure but a bit pricey does anyone know of any other decent tyres that would fit the bill...
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    xion motor fault.

    Hi Folks, the motor on my focus jarifa premium developed a fault on the way home from work today basically the motor cut out and stopped providing any kind of assistance, the motor fault warning symbol is also now displayed on the control consule(triangle with an m in the middle) i tryed...
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    Xion drive motor drag.

    Hi Folks, Ive recently purchased a bike that's powered by Kalkhoff's new Xion rear hub drive motor and find the drag is pretty bad when the 15.5mph cut of is reached I realise this is always going to happen but I feel its a lot more noticeable with this set up than it was with my previous...
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    Focus jarifa 29er road tyres

    Hi folks, Can anyone reccomend some decent road tyres/semi slick to fit a focus jarifa 29er the tyres supplied are continental raceking 29 x 2.2 and although exellent i feel i would be better off with a slicker tyre for my daily commute that consists mainly of roads and cycle tracks. Many...
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    kalkhoff endevour bs10 or focus jalfira premium xt

    hi folks, having successfully sold my old ebike im now in the market for a new one the 2 models i keep coming back to are the focus and the kalkhoff endevour bs10 im basically looking for advice on what to go for my daily commute consists of cycle track most of the time with quite a few steep...
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    looking to upgrade from cyclotricity stealth

    Hi folks, Looking for advise on my next ebike purchase like a lot of people on here i'm hooked on the whole ebike thing and as such after 6 months of owning my cyclotricity stealth i'm looking to Upgrade to a more powerfull longer range bike with better quality components, an off road style...
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    Cyclotricity Stealth ebike for sale

    Hi folks, Iv'e had the bike since September it hasn't been used a great deal due to the poor weather, the bike its self is in good all round condition and would be a great buy for someone looking for their first ebike. Payed £799 for it from ebikes direct would be willing to accept £500 or...
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    cyclotricity stealth gears upgrade.

    Hi folks, I've had my cyclotricity stealth e bike for around 5 months now and although overall i'm pretty happy with it theres a few things annoying me the main 1 being the 7 speed gears which i would like to upgrade to 21 speed if possible has anyone done this on a 7 speed bike and what would...
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    hello from renfrewshire

    Hi folks, Just became a member this evening and am looking forward to the great advice you all have to offer. I decided to take the plunge with an e bike around 5 months ago and love it. thanks