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    Pedals seized with mid-drive

    My bike has been stuck at my holiday home through lock down. I got it out at the weekend to find the pedals stuck. It’s a Marin Stinson with a GSM mid drive conversion. I’m going to try and remove everything today. Is there anything specific I should look for? The motor is fine and turns the...
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    Lightweight motors

    I remember reading a little while ago about some really light weight Hub motors from China. I think they were around 1kg. I’m keen to try a really light weight conversion can anyone comment on the longevity of these motors, could they be paired with a Hoverboard battery (36V 4.4mAh), small...
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    Battery type and location

    i need to fit a battery to the rear rack. As you can see from the link the bike has very high bottle mounting points. Would it be crazy to try and mount a bottle battery to the rear rack? I would like the battery to be...
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    Is a removeable motor possible?

    id really like to convert my second bike but be able to put it back easily. My original has a gsm mid drive which is fab (most of the time). If I went for a front hub motor could I swap the wheel for a non motorised one easily?
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    GSM mid drive strange noise

    any suggestions? When I turn the cranks there is a noise like something is grating. There is also slight resistance. If I had to guess it would that something needs greasing. I don't feel amazingly confident opening it up?
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    Lightweight kit

    im really happy with my GSM mid drive convertion. It's been a revelation and I love using my bike. The only downside is the weight. The bike and kit is really heavy. I want to convert a second bike, is there a lighter alternative?
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    Go-e On Wheel anyone tried it?

    Has anyone see or tried one of these? It potentially looks great, but would really like to see how people find it in reality. The weight us very appealing, as that's the one downside of my current conversion. Also put off by 8-10 week delivery!
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    More GSM advice please.

    hi, The lock rings came loose today, I've tightened them, but noticed there's a slight clicking coming from the pedals. Any suggestions of what I should check? Otherwises it's running really well!
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    Battery calculation

    Hi, Someone posted in a thread a calculation to work out how much of the battery had been used. It had something to do with timing how long it took to recharge, but I can't find it. Can anyone help me? Thanks
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    Help with soldering

    im having real problems soldering the wires together. I have a 40w soldering iron that melts the solder. However when I try and heat the joint to draw in the solder and fix the joint it won't melt. The wires are getting shorter with each attempt. Can anyone suggest somewhere I could take it to...
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    Am I correct in thinking to make a conversion road legal it needs a 'plate' with certain details on it. As a self installer can I put a sticky label on it, if so which details does it need?
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    I want to get a set of tools just for bike maintanance (mainly so I can actually find them when I want them). To start with I intend to buy a set of hex wrenches (L shaped), crank puller, cable cutters, screwdrivers, then add to it as I need the tools for specific jobs. Is it worth buying park...
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    Will bafang brake sensor work with GSM kit?

    i've install the brake levers that came with my GSM, but don't really like the look of them. I've seen that bafang sell a sensor that can be retrofitted to existing levers. Would the plug that goes to the lcd be the same? The GSM one is red with two pins.
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    How do I stop the battery rattling?

    is there a way to reduce the vibration in the battery. It's a rack battery and rattles quite a bit over bumps. Can I pad it with anything?
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    Installing the GSM

    My GSM kit is arriving tomorrow and I just want to make sure I have all the tools ready. I have a torque wrench for the m33 nut, can it be tightened with a normal socket set.
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    A little confused!

    i have just read about the change in the law. Am I correct in thinking that throttles are no longer legal unless restricted to 6kmh. I was about to buy the GSM mid drive with 15ah battery. I've read that this won't work without the throttle connected. I could get the bafung bbs01, its a bit more...
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    Mid drive conversion questions.

    l'm thinking about having my hybrid (step through frame) converted. After looking at the options I think a mid drive conversion would be best. I have to take the front wheel off to get it in the shed and often tow with a follow me tandem, which requires a specific rear axle. I'm a little...