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    bbs02 power cutting out

    I have a bbs02 motor that I have ridden about 8500 Kms with. It is a 350w 36v. This week the power has started to cut out. I haven't had any problems before. When riding on the flat Pas 4out of 5 and changing to 5,6,7 out of an 8 gear bike everything shuts off. Nothing on the display or light...
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    Expected lifetime of a BBS02

    Hello. I have a Bafang BBS02 350W I was wondering what is the, average, expected lifetime of this motor, does anyone know? How many miles/KMs before it might explode or fail :-) What is the most common failure? Drop in power or speed in reaction or?
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    BBS02 where to grease for service

    I have a BBS02 mid drive motor that is about time for some service. I read on another thread in here somewhere about service intervals. I have acquired some aeroshell 22 grease but I am not sure what I should be greasing where? Do I dismantle the motor on the chain ring side or the left?
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    Cross Bar battery

    does anyone produce a cross bar mounted battery? Either mounted above, below or around even?
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    Keeping the display dry, is it needed?

    Hello. I have a Bafang C965 display. I read in one of the manuals that this is water resistant but not water proof. Is this correct (only resistant) and is it something I need to worry about? Will the thing malfunction if it gets too wet in the rain? If so how do you keep yours dry? I rode...
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    Use of gears and pedal assist

    Hello. I am wondering how you guys use your gears? I have a centrally mounted motor with shimano 8 speed derailleur. I am trying to figure out how to get the most out of the pedal assist with gears. Sometimes it seems just leaving it in 5th is the best performance for cycling along and...
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    bafang C965 display - set wheel diameter

    I have a C965 display for my Bafang BBS01. I cannot find how to set the wheel dimension on the thing. The documentation I found online says that I can enter a settings menu by double press on the power button. This does nothing but if I press the plus and minus buttons together I get to some...
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    BBS01 - shorten wiring loom

    Hello. Just in the process of fitting a Bafang BBS01 to my bike. I have it all wired up but the wiring loom is very long I have had to snake it around the frame all the way up to the controller and brakes and it is still overly baggy for my liking. Is there a way to shorten the loom? If...
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    Damaged Bafang Fun8 does this sound like your motor?

    I have bought a Bafang Fun8 motor from a China company (BMS I would *not* recommend them). The motor was damaged when I received it. The bottom bracket shaft is bent towards the body of the motor. The company suggest I try to bend it back but I am worried that internals of the...
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    What connectors for e-bike battery terminals

    Hello. A newbie question if anyone can help. I have just bought a battery from a Chinese company for my Bafang fun 8 BBS01. It has brass threaded connectors on the bottom which is the only place I can see where I should connect the provided wires (one read one black). The thing is I have never...
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    New builder

    Hello. I am currently trying my first bike conversion, main barriers so far are talking Chinese and European import taxes :-). I am from the UK but live in Belgium.