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    Battery recommendation, rear rack 15ah

    Does anyone have any recommendations where to buy a rear rack battery, not too thick for a bafang bbs01 250w 36v. Looking for output 15ah or greater.
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    Extend current battery

    I currently have a 36V Li-ion Battery 10.4 Ah with rear rack but am finding the range too short for my daily commute. Can I add another battery unit to complement the existing one in order to extend the range.
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    Replacement ebike battery

    I am looking to replace by current pannier battery to one which has more capacity. Currently the battery is connected to a bafang bbs01 motor with two bullet connectors. Is there a pannier battery and rack that I could buy which would have those connections I have seen the following which...
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    Custom ebike kit vs ready built

    I am looking to replace my existing ebike. I am looking for the following specs: 1. Good battery 2. High torque motor, able to tackle hills 3. Pannier rack 4. Lightweight frame if possible (low frame would be nice) 5. Able to be derestricted 6. Electric gear (Nuvinci or others) - not a...