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  1. flipsypaw

    Waiting for my Bafang BBS01

    Hi all I hope this post is in the proper place. :D I've finally made my mind up and place an order for the BAFANG BBS01 250W with the Downtube battery. We are still tossing up which bike would be best suited to it but I think my Giant Rove 2 (2013) will win the lottery.:) While waiting for the...
  2. flipsypaw

    Wheel sizes 27.5" what?

    Hi there I've been coming across a lot of different wheel size statements: 700 cc (ok I know THAT one) 29" (yep that is known too) 26" (another well known one) But what is the 27.5" wheel size? New sizing, would you need different tires, tubes etc for that size? Or just a "new weave" thing...
  3. flipsypaw

    How much water/abuse can an ebike handle?

    Hi all, we are planning to ride the Munda Biddi south bound ( Western Australia) with an e-bike. We will come across sandy path, water logged roads, fine gravel etc. this makes me wonder how much water can these bike resist. I did this off road MTB track North Bound already with a "normal" MTB...