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  1. georgehenry

    Kryptonite Good Service

    I bought this kryptonite U lock in 2010. Recently the key fractured leaving about half its length in the lock. I have placed the broken key next to a good one so that you can see the portion that broke off. A friendly locksmith managed to remove the part that had broken off in the lock. I...
  2. georgehenry

    Woman hit by Cyclist awarded a payout

    On the face of it this cyclist appears a little hard done by.
  3. georgehenry

    Sunday Times Tax Breaks to steer us to e-bikes

    Saw a small story about tax breaks to steer us to e-bikes in The Sunday Times. Worth 32% for basic tax payers and 42% for higher. Also proposing to sweep away £1000 limit on value of bikes eligible with no limit for e-bikes. Might make my fantasy Reise and Muller top of the range Delite...
  4. georgehenry

    Tyre choice for a 650b hard tail

    I currently use Specialized Crossroads Armadillo 650B 27.6” Wired Clincher Tyres in 1.9” width that have covered 5278 commuting miles to work and back. I do a 12 to 14 mile off road route to work and 10 miles back on the road so roughly two thirds of the miles covered are off road. I have never...
  5. georgehenry

    The tale of a £100 second hand electric bike.

    I was on a family holiday in Devon when I spotted an Oxygen Emate City electric bike in the pedelec classified section close enough to where I live at a tempting £100 asking price. Now I have owned an Oxygen Emate city since 2011 (My first electric bike) and really like it but it has led a hard...
  6. georgehenry

    Oxygen Emate City / Replacement Pedelec Magnetic disc

    Unfortunately my magnetic disc that activates my pedalec assist has taken a knock and broken into a number of pieces. Could anyone recommend a good contact / somewhere to get a quick replacement. It appears to have 5 magnets and looks to have the letters SM and A on the disc. This is a 2011...
  7. georgehenry

    Is it time to change?

    I commute to work and back on a 2015 hardtail Yamaha powered sDuro Haibike. After a couple of rear wheel side wall failures using schwalbe smart sam plus tyres I changed to Specialized Crossroads Armadillo 650B 27.6” Wired Clincher Tyres in 1.9” width. I ride about 3000 miles a year with...
  8. georgehenry

    Would you leave your electric bike at a station all day

    I have noticed this Haibike left locked at a local station quite regularly for around seven months now. It hasn't gone missing so far!
  9. georgehenry

    Yamaha Battery/Charger Problem

    Houston, we have a problem Haibike sDuro HardSeven SL 2015 Yamaha Background to the problem The plug that locks the charger lead into the Yamaha battery has always to me looked a little fragile. I am lucky to be able to leave my bike in a room at work where I can also plug in my charger...
  10. georgehenry

    Ebike shop recomendations

    I have an old 2011 Oxygen Emate City bike that I would like to have looked at by a competent and trust worthy ebike shop as close to where I live near Guildford in Surrey as possible. Any recommendations/contact details would be appreciated. For a highly recommended shop I would be happy to...
  11. georgehenry


    I ride a Haibike sDuro HardSeven SL 2015 Yamaha and have covered 1600 miles since March 2015. I commute about 23 miles return trip to work with 13 or so of them off road. I have had remarkably few issues with my bike however with the advent of wetter weather I have suddenly become afflicted by...
  12. georgehenry

    Haibike sDuro HardSeven SL 2015 Yamaha (7 Month 1600 Miles)

    Bike bought 20th March 2015 Haibike sDuro HardSeven SL 2015 Yamaha, 7 Month Review, Commuter Special I have now covered around 1600 miles on my sDuro HardSeven. Part of my route to work What I wanted to achieve When I bought the bike I wanted primarily a bike to ride to work on as often...