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  1. robdon

    For Sale Kalkhoff Agattu impulse 8

    robdon submitted a new listing: Kalkhoff Agattu impulse 8 - Kalkhoff Agattu impulse 8 Learn more about this listing...
  2. robdon

    For Sale Kalkhoff Agattu impulse 8

    robdon submitted a new listing: Kalkhoff Agattu impulse 8 - Kalkhoff Agattu impulse 8 Learn more about this listing...
  3. robdon

    For Sale Kalkhoff Agattu Impulse 8

    Any one interested in my Kalkhoff Agattu impulse 8, done 140 miles, always kept in a heated conservatory, I bought it about four years ago but was unable to use it as i had bad arthritis in my hips, since buying it i have had both replaced plus a heart valve. always kept hope of getting on it...
  4. robdon

    Kalkhoff battery problem

    I bought a brand new kalkhoff agattu impulse 2, 8 gear, step through from ebay. The person who i bought it off, regularly sells kalkhoff, ktm etc, all new, these are said to have very small scratches, mine had two about 2mm, and took some finding, and bike is immaculate and runs well. one...
  5. robdon


    Has anyone got an SO6S 36 volt sine wave controller for sale, my one will not run the PAS. hope someone has spare or one no longer in use. ROB
  6. robdon


    A bit back I fitted a split ring PAS to my bike, ring is 12 magnet type. motor Q100 I have SO6S controller, and LCD -3, and I have never been able to get it to work. It is fitted to the left side of the bike, where it is designed for. When LCD is powered on the light on the sensor lights up, and...
  7. robdon


    I am fitting a PAS to a S06S controller, the wires on the controller side are brown, yellow and black. are brown = +5v, yellow = signal, black = ground, just asking as the wires on PAS are red, black, and blue. blue should be the signal. ROB don`t bother I have got the diagram, sorry
  8. robdon

    fitting telescopic forks

    I converted a Claud butler hybrid bike to an e-bike, which has a Q100 motor, fitted on steel forks 700mm I want to fit some suspension forks I have acquired, to have more comfort and also disc brake on the front. These forks are Kalkhoff 700mm aluminium for an electric bike, will they be ok. Rob
  9. robdon

    forum is collapsing

    Without d8veh the forum is collapsing, mostly sellers posting. ROB
  10. robdon


    any one know what controller to use with this LCD,photo from forum ROB
  11. robdon

    kudos duchess

    I bought this for my wife xmas 2013, she has only ridden it for about 15 miles or less. She is only 4ft 11 ins and 8 stone, I am selling it to purchase another smaller Kudos for her, which will be more suitable, this one will suit a man or woman, above 5ft 4 ins. would be great for caravan or...
  12. robdon

    where have i gone wrong

    I am threading a 700mm rim, to a Q100 motor, I measured the rim with 2 x 200 mm spokes connected with a rubber band, spokes screwed fully into nipples, 36 spokes to be fitted, 3x pattern the ERD was 610mm, hub diam 108mm, hub rim to centre 21mm, spoke length using Wheelpro spoke table was...
  13. robdon

    what now

    I require a bit of help with this Giant Suede that i am trying to update a bit with a kit bought off ebay. I am fitting the controller onto the seat pillar, in a plastic box made for controllers. The controller is 36volt 250w—350w 6 mosfet with LCD 861 meter, twelve pole PAS and half twist...
  14. robdon


    I am fitting a pas sensor and disk, I have read d8veh`s article on this, and I know it is quite simple. I am fitting it on the left side, and d8veh mentions turning the sensor by unscrewing it, I do not think this one can be turned if required, as it has a led light on it. I assume it is fitted...
  15. robdon

    new controller

    after waiting 9 weeks for a new controller, throttle, and pas disc, from BMS BATTERY, I decided to get a kit off Ebay. This consists of 36v controller, Pas disc, throttle, speed and distance monitor, LCD, and brakes. This is for a Giant Suede I have which is like new, I have cut off some of the...
  16. robdon


    where is the best place to get spokes, and what grade for ebikes ROB
  17. robdon

    imax B6

    Earlier this year d8veh took me through balancing the cells of my 36v 15ah lithium battery, I got it up to 41 volts and was happy with that. I balanced it using a 5v usb cable through the balance wires on the BMS, I kept checking it for a couple of weeks and it stayed at that voltage, so I...
  18. robdon

    juddering hub motor

    [/URL][/IMG] I have a Giant Suede bike that I bought about four months ago, it is in like new condition, up to today it has been running perfect, so I asked my wife to take it for a run as it had not been out for about a month, due to weather. she had only got to the end of the drive when it...
  19. robdon

    posi tap

    has anyone used posi - taps to couple another battery to the main battery leads, ie in parallel ROB
  20. robdon

    battery charge

    I have a new battery 36 volt 15ah which will only take 39.5 volts when fully charged, this is measured at the output pins of the battery, have tried to charge more but charger shows green, charger output 42 volts. anyone know what is wrong, I read that it should charge to 42 volts. ROB