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    Chargers for Bosch battery for sale

    Due to loosing over 8 stone I no longer used my cube 500 hybrid ebike with Bosch crank motor and have sold it but I have 2 chargers for sale , I bought these to use in my Motorhome, both are genuine bosch chargers No1 bosch 2 amp charger £90 posted No2 bosch 2amp 12volt charger ,will plug...
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    Front sprocket question

    Since I bought my 2017Cube race with Bosch's crank drive I have lost weight ,I have dropped from 135.5kg to 94kg ( indoor bike,weights, rowing ,walking and on the ELYFB diet have all helped) I now max out my speed on the cube and wondered if a change of sprocket would give me a speed increase...
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    Cycleplan insurance

    Just taken a policy with cycleplan for my new bike , being an Armed forces veteran and having a forces discount card I was entitled to a 20% saving on the policy ,but a quick serch on the interweb I found an offer for 25% off . A phone call to enquire about the Asgard bike 29er bike shed and...
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    Cycle hire in Lincoln

    I took the wife to Lincoln County Hospital on Wednesday and noticed that a cycle hire stand had been installed, where you can hire a bike for an hour or all day, pick up and drop off at different hire stand locations, this included e-bikes also, which is the first time I have seen ebike for...
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    Do you live in Switzerland or France ,*** now sorted***

    Does anybody live in Switzerland or France that would be able to order an item for me and forward to the UK , all expenses paid and a little for doing this The item is a charger for the Bosch battery 12volt travel charger ,both shop will not ship to the Uk Please pm any replies Thanks
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    Asgardbike shed

    Hi again, didn't know where to post this so please move if needed is anybody using a Asgardbike shed to store there bike in , would a 3 bike storage unit take a 29er , i know they do a 29er version but space is a bit tight thanks for any replies
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    10% discount at Halfords

    Halfords have a 10% discount on the Carrera range of ebike using the code EBIKES10 may be of use to somebody
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    Folding pedals

    Can anybody point me in the direction of folding pedals that can be used with toe clips or straps , I need a set for my wife's folding trike as she suffers with MS and her feet have a tendency to slip from the pedals Many thanks
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    Another fat lad with a few questions

    Hi all I have been reading for a few weeks now and decided that a purchase is very close , I am 6' 1" and weigh around 125 kg and 53 years old ,the location where I live is mainly flat but I do have a motorhome so travel around the UK, I have narrowed my search down to a Cube Reaction Hybrid...
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    Hi from Lincolnshire

    Hi all , just joined after spending a few weeks just reading and trying to decide which bike to buy , will now stick a post in the correct section Cheers Chris