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  1. cyclebuddy

    Tyre pump... It's a beautiful thing!

    At just under 1/2kg, I wouldn't carry it with me, but if you like your tyres rock-hard before you set out for a ride, this saves a lot of effort. Pre-settable up to 150psi, Schrader and Presta. Rechargeable li-ion 18650 micro USB. £40. Magic!
  2. cyclebuddy

    Ride your e-bike indoors with a Turbo Trainer?

    I bought a cheapish £180 Novo Smart Turbo Trainer to use with my unpowered bike last winter... just to get a little exercise when it was too cold/wet/slippery to go out. Now we're mostly all in lock-down, even though we're still allowed to go out and cycle for exercise (at least for now), I'm...
  3. cyclebuddy

    Heads-up! 2019 Ebco centre-drive e-bikes £1099 (£500 off).

    I read that British Brand Ebco are re-doing their entire range of e-bikes for the 2020 season (from January) by a new, ex-Saracen designer. There seem to be a few deals on several models around of their older range (these two are from Halfords, but Rutland has offers too). I guess it's to make...
  4. cyclebuddy

    Battery Care over Winter

    This is a simple little project made in ½ hour from scrap parts I had lying around which I thought I’d share: The idea was to enable me to: 1) Partially discharge a fully charged e-bike battery to a suitable storage level for winter 2) Exercise the battery to extend its’ life when my e-bike...
  5. cyclebuddy

    Is 48-volt the new standard for 2017?

    I’ve just been looking through a couple of the new range 2017 Chinese e-Bike Factory catalogues... the kind of e-bikes some of our UK importers have re-branded and then sell here as their own models. In last year’s 2016 catalogues I noticed ALL the stock designs were 36-volt... ranging from the...
  6. cyclebuddy

    E-bike stunts