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    Any experience of the Ribble Hybrid AL e?

    The Ribble Hybrid AL e is on my shortlist, along with the Orbea F20/F30; I know the Ribble is relatively new, but has anyone bought (or tried) it yet? If so, I am very interested in your experiences. All input gratefully received, Thank you
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    Does anyone have an Orbea Gain F20 or F30?

    Hi, I'm new on here and am researching my first e-bike. I'm looking for a light(ish) weight hybrid to assist me on the local hills (Chilterns); the Orbea Gain F20/F30 look like they may be good options - does anyone have experience of these specific models? And if so, are there are any...
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    Hello from the Chilterns

    Hi, I just signed up this morning, and am hoping to get some helpful input and advice, and obviously will be very happy to contribute where possible. I am semi-retired, living in the Chilterns and currently ride a hybrid bike (Boardman MX Comp). I have cycled on and off over the years and now...